Ways to offer your love & support to seniors from a distance

Ways to offer your love & support to seniors from a distance

Caring for our loved ones in times of covid-19

The current situation isn’t good for anyone in this world. We are taking safety measures to keep each other safe from a distance but it can be lonely. Especially for older adults who can’t keep in touch with you. Even after living in care homes for the elderly, missing your loved ones can be extremely difficult. It’s not like you can just drive up to them and meet them face-to-face. With growing restrictions and travel limitations, we all can offer our love to the seniors from a distance.

However, don’t be stressed about not visiting your loved ones face-to-face, as you can do a lot of things to support their health and remain in constant contact. The covid-19 has not only brought complete fear about this deadly disease but also deserted each other. With everyone locked at their location, we can’t meet often which can make us feel lonely and isolated. It’s not good for our mental or emotional health. At an older age, reaching out to our loved ones can significantly help and improve the health of older adults. By thinking of each other and keeping the relationship healthy and steady can bring an abundance of joy.

How are older adults affected by Covid-19?

Seniors are at all time the highest risk of covid-19 due to their weakened immune system and pre-existing medical conditions. Seniors are recommended to take extra measures to protect themselves but not just physical but mental issues such as social isolation, loneliness, anxiety and other problems have significantly surged in the past few months. Fortunately, many services are available to help older adults remain safe and socially engaged during the pandemic.

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There are many nursing care in the home with screening staff and under medical assistance for any health problems to occur. Nursing care offers a safe facility with proper medication, testing procedures and disease management for older adults to reduce the risk of illness from COVID-19.

However, there are still other creative ways to foster these relationships even if your loved ones are far away, staying safe.

Ways to connect with loved ones from a distance – 

Call them/pick up the phone

In the pandemic, you get enough time to connect with your loved ones. It’s very important that you converse with them regularly, wish them a great day or ask them how their day went. You can help them exercise their mind by indulging in conversations and reminding them to look for the next day. Express how you feel in this time, tell stories, play games, or discuss the book you’ve been reading or drop some family gossip to spice things up, but don’t forget to remind them how much you miss them in other lives. Although Staying far away is the right decision, if we all continue to take precautions, we’ll overcome it soon.

Video Chat 

Technology is a boon in these times when we are restricted to limit our interaction. Communicating through Facetime, Zoom, Meet or Skype can cover the gap of not seeing each other often. Video chats provide an efficient way to interact and engage even when you are social distancing. It’s a great way to maintain a sense of connectedness with your loved ones from a distance. Add your other family members away and put them in the conference to brighten up everyone’s day and share the bond, even at the harshest hours.

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Express your love via Cards & Letters

Go old-school, write a note, card or letter to express your love through a vintage form. Trust us on this, it’s going to melt their heart. Mail them a sweet surprise with your sweet message as a reminder that you care and think of them daily. Putting an effort in whatever form matters. Add a photo of your childhood to jog their memory.

In the efforts of reducing the spread of the virus, you can practice proper social distancing and provide medical support to seniors through health care services or at a facility. At such concerning times, older adults are the most vulnerable and require steps that’ll protect them at all cost. Limiting exercise still fighting mental problems is handled effortlessly well at the facility with restriction of all non-essential visitors.

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