Spending more time at home? Here are 5 stay-home weekend ideas to make it fun!

Spending more time at home? Here are 5 stay-home weekend ideas to make it fun!

Bored with staring at your TV screen watching the same shows? Disappointed with no new things to do?

Have a pile of things to do waiting for you, but completely losing the interest or will to do it? Tired of following the new trends?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, then don’t be ashamed or feel alone. Because all of us are feeling these things.

All of us have been spending a lot of time at home lately and it can get very boring spend times.

Remember all of us are in this together, and all of us together can come up with solutions to have fun and make the most of it.

Mostly we are busy on weekdays doing our work, feeling guilty to finish all the tasks assigned to us.

But weekends are the times when you just need to chill and give yourself a break. Here are some, Stay-at-home Weekend plans for you.

List of fun things to do on a weekend at home:

  1. Give a makeover to your House

We have been staying home from such a long time that our home is now our whole world. Zoom meetings? Virtual parties? Classes? Family dinners? Your house is the place for all of that.

Now that we have enough time and our home’s walls are our background for all the meetings, then why not just give them a new look. You can finally focus on building your dream house by making all the possible changes you can.


Paint that wall you wanted to, shift the furniture from one place to another, click new photographs and hang them on walls, use those new bedsheets and curtains which you have been saving for special occasions, get creative, use fairy lights, bring all your trophies and medals, do a little show off.

  1. Grab the chance to play games

Time to recall your inner child. As a child you used to play so many games, but now many of think that it is a very dumb activity to do. But if we pay attention and dive into Internet, we will realise there are literally thousands of games available online for everyone.

For example, Rummy we have been playing it from a lot of time, this is the time to play it virtually. You get to earn, have fun and chance to relive your memories. This is the way to be productive as playing online games can improve your cognitive skills.

  1. Plan your trip

As you are staying home, this is the time to save up all your money. Plan the next trip you will be having. Search of places that come in your budget. Look for hotels, flights, etc.

Browse and find the best places to visit of the place you are going. Figure out how much money you will need. Choose the package you want, find out the things you really want.

When you do a lot of searching you will find the best solutions. A little preplanning and extra planning can never hurt anyone. So go have your dream trip now.

  1. Do something new and satisfactory
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All of us from our childhood must have the dream to learn to play a Guitar. If not a guitar, you may have the wish to play any musical instrument. This is the time to learn how to play that instrument.

There are so many online websites, apps that provide classes to play instruments. So just appeal your inner rockstar now. If that seems costly or time taking you can always think of growing a little garden in your balcony.

If you don’t have a balcony, you can just order some plants online, maintain them, love them and admire them. You can always choose the things like vegetables or Aloe vera, which can also come to some use. If not that beautiful flowers always have your hearts.

  1. Do things on your own

This is the time to work on your grooming skills. We like to be pampered and go to salon. But it is also necessary to learn those skills so that you are not dependent on them and look the way you want according to your choice.

You can try makeup tutorials online, self-grooming techniques, DIY face masks, etc. You can also do online shopping for all the things you want. Shopping anywhere can be therapeutic.

Order more pyjamas and night suits to stay comfy at home. Learn how to make bead jewellery.  Destress yourself and do some knitting and quilting.


This way you cannot have fun on your weekends, but also learn something, be productive, rescue yourself from being lazy, and if you make something you have an art piece to flex.

So why not? Netflix and chill are good but try something different this weekend. This weekend uses all the cool techniques and have loads of fun.

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