What are major enterprises in USA that are into 5G network?

What are major enterprises in USA that are into 5G network?

Early conversations on 5G were focused on how to make the technology consumer-centric and assists in their daily activities. But the things have totally changed for now as businesses are tapping on to this modern wireless technology to enhance their existing and new applications both to improve their organizational efficiency. Having said that, telcos are expanding their 5G network coverage with faster network deployment. As a result, numerous parts of the world cities including cities in the United States have been experiencing top-notch speed and coverage with 5G. Telecommunication companies like T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon have already launched their high capacity 5G networks after performing testing with 5G Network Testing Equipment & Tools on mmWave and long-range sub-6 bands. In this article, we are going to discuss major companies who are putting down immense efforts to make 5G a reality sooner and expand 5G network across US cities to make the network denser with coverage everywhere.

Operators at a glance – Extending 5G network across US cities

  1. T-Mobile – 5G network from T-Mobile is being expanded to thousands of US cities. Thanks to the spectrum received from Sprint, T-Mobile is working on deploying network to provide faster speed and low latency services that will ultimately give rise to new services and cloud computing unavailable previously. T-Mobile has rolled out its second phase of 5G and covered cities namely – Atlanta, Dallas, Cleveland, New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. However, the current deployment activity is still in progress and expected to commercialise 5G services to users soon.
  2. AT&T – One of the top carriers in the US, AT&T has made 5G+ technology available for its subscribers in parts of 38 US cities and multiple public and private sectors across the nation. Cities like Los Angeles, San Jose, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas have been surrounded by 5G network and users are happily enjoying the ultra-fast network speed and other unparalleled features of the fifth-generation technology.
  3. Verizon – An American telecommunications MNC, Verizon has taken steps forward and made 5G network available in 65+ cities. Started the rolling out campaign on April 3, 2019, it has covered over 2,700 cities and anticipated to acquire more cities in the upcoming years. It uses mmWave band for 5G and calls it as ‘5G Ultra-Wideband’ or ‘5G UWB’. Connecting all national subscribers, it assists in communicating and accessing information 25 folds faster than 4G LTE networks. Adding to it is the ‘5G Home Internet’ services for residential users and the operator is working to increase its network coverage and facilitate this 5G-powered Home Internet service. 5G Home service was initiated on October 1, 2018, and available in 40 cities which includes locations such as Sacramento CA, Los Angeles CA, Atlanta GA, Houston TX, St. Paul MN, Chicago IL, Denver CO, Indianapolis IN, Minneapolis MN, San Jose CA, Detroit MI, Dallas TX,
  4. UScellular – UScellular, a US mobile network operator, launched its 5G services on March 6, 2020, mainly in North Carolina, Iowa, California, Washington, Oregon, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Maine and other states. The telecom company began 5G network testing for FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) in 2016 after partnering with Nokia. Later on, in 2017 teamed up with Ericsson to carry out testing in rural and urban areas with RF drive test tools. They executed test scenarios for multiple 5G use cases such as massive MIMO, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).
  5. C Spire – Formerly known as Cellular South Inc., was previously held as the largest mobile service carrier in the US. C Spire commenced its 5G FWA services in December 2018. Currently, the service is available for consumers located in Mississippi offering download speed of 120 Mbps at a cost of $50 per month.
  6. Charter – America-based telecommunications services provider, Charter Communications Inc, is commercialising 5G services across dozens of US cities comprising Washington D.C., Miami, Denver, Boston, Omaha, Detroit, Dallas, St. Paul, Kansas City and Spokane.
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With many more operators entering the US 5G market, it is expected to cover most of the urban and rural areas with stronger network connectivity than ever before. It is not only about successfully implementing the network but also be consistent in providing seamless network connectivity to their users.  Though several challenges are involved in deploying such complex networks, giving customers a ‘wow’ experience is all worth for operators that will significantly result in more returns as they continue to expand 5G network in other US cities and across the globe.

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