Why Serverwala’s VPS Mumbai is the Best Choice for your Business?

Why Serverwala’s VPS Mumbai is the Best Choice for your Business?

Once the business website is developed, it needs a reliable hosting server to become available to the web users. While hosting my business website on a shared server initially, I did not face many problems. However, later I was required to run a few applications that were not supported by the operating system employed by the hosting provider on a shared server. 

Moreover, my business website encountered frequent downtimes during traffic peaks. That was due to sometimes the server was not able to take much workload and, other times it was the unavailability of resources. Because of the limited resources, restricted privileges, and lesser control over the server, it became quite difficult for my web business to expand and grow. 

While not wanting to shift to the dedicated server due to budget constraints, one of my employees suggested I should consider Serverwala VPS Mumbai. After analyzing the company’s customer reviews and hosting services, I switched to one of Serverwala’s VPS hosting plans. Since then, the company’s virtual private server has been the cost-effective and most perfect hosting solution for my web business.

If you are also looking for an ideal hosting server for your web business advancement, get the insights into the Mumbai VPS of Serverwala hosting company shared in the subsequent sections. 

Features of Serverwala’s VPS Mumbai

The Serverwala hosting company offers an extensive range of plans and packages for VPS Mumbai. We can pick the most suitable one among them. Each company’s VPS hosting plan comes at a cheap rate and with high-grade hosting facilities

Furthermore, we get the choice between the two most popular operating systems – Linux and Windows. I picked the premium Windows VPS plan as my web business requires support to run the ASP.net technologies. Let me highlight the features I have acquired with the company’s virtual private server hosting plan.

99.99% Uptime Network

My business website has acquired the assurance of a 99.99% uptime network with the VPS Mumbai. The company’s data centers deliver redundant power along with consistent secure channels. This enables my web business to obtain high-tech network flexibility with zero downtime. 

Advanced security measures

All the company’s virtual private server hosting plans involve advanced security measures. My business website has got many of them including data encryption and ultra-secure firewalls. Now, it has become quite easy for me to secure my data from all the DDoS attacks and other security threats. 

Moreover, the company’s system automatically recognizes the incoming spiteful intimidations from the web. Further, it renders safeguards to protect my website’s data even before I confront the issue. 

1 GBPS Network Speed

The company’s VPS Mumbai plan has an ultimate band of a network that ensures twenty times faster connectivity and speed for the website’s functioning. The business website gets the possibility to acquire the highest connectivity of up to 1 GBPS. 

Self Service Portal

The company also provides the self-service portal with the VPS in Mumbai. All the control panel options are easily accessible. This permits to perform various functionalities and routine activities simultaneously. For instance, operations like restart, stop, reload, change password, and other numerous activities. 

Monthly 30 TB Data Transfer

With the virtual private server hosting plan, we also get the opportunity to obtain unlimited bandwidth to fulfill the business website’s necessities. Further, the company allows the data transfer rate of up to 30 TB with every hosting plan. 

High scalability

The Serverwala virtual private server hosting provides high scalability. We can scale up the resources of our hosting plan as and when needed. It is done in no time and also, does not require any halt on the ongoing operations of the website. Or, we can directly upgrade our plan as well based on the demands of our web business. 

Full Root Access

We get the full root control of our respective virtual private server from the company. This helps in running and managing the VPS Mumbai without any constraints or limitations. Also, with complete root access, we can operate any required applications, software, and programs on the server. In other words, we get the right to configure and customize the server as and at any time we desire. 

Simple Licensing

We also get to procure the licensing for our website simply with just a click. The company offers simple licensing at a significantly further low cost with the cheap VPS Mumbai. 

How Online Businesses can benefit from the Mumbai VPS from Serverwala?

The virtual private server is based on virtualization technology, which renders the independent and private hosting environment while being a part of a single physical server. Even after sharing the same physical server with numerous users, we get to enjoy many benefits of dedicated server hosting with the Serverwala VPS Mumbai. 

Almost every growing web business can take huge advantage of the company’s virtual private server hosting plan. Check out below some of the perks that can be obtained from the Serverwala best VPS Mumbai with utmost ease – 

  • We get improved reliability with the dedicated and high resource availability. 
  • The business website delivers seamless performance and an excellent end-user experience with the VPS Mumbai. 
  • The web business acquires security-as-a-service. 
  • The business website gets the possibility to attain the best possible SEO ranking.
  • The volume of web traffic enhances and is easily managed at the same time. 
  • The website continues to have optimal performance even under traffic peaks. 

More about Serverwala and Its Services

Server Wala is among the top-leading and most renowned hosting companies worldwide. It aims to render the best web hosting services at cheaper rates. We get support from the enterprise-grade hardware based on the latest technology for the high performance of the virtual private server. 

Further, the company provides 24/7 technical support from the experts with all its VPS Mumbai plans and packages. We get the instant and most accessible solutions to all our server issues that save our web business from unwanted low performance and downtime.  

Bottom Line 

The Serverwala VPS comes with high flexibility, scalability, root control, round-the-clock technical support, and security. Without a doubt, it gives us the chance to intensify our web business performance and generate better revenue in the minimum time. 

The company’s professionals are available 24/7/365 via the customer support service to resolve our queries before we pick any hosting plan. Moreover, one can also peek into the company’s official website for more details about its VPS Mumbai.


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