What Are the Best Features of Android Mobile Phones?

What Are the Best Features of Android Mobile Phones?

Technology has been boomed and extending its limit to the sky. Technological advancements have made our life easier and faster. Now we are able to manage most of the tasks of our daily lives with ease.

Among all the technological evolutions, the mobile phone has a remarkable one. Withing a very shorter period of time, mobile phones have gone beyond the limits and have transformed our lives completely.

Now when we are talking about mobile phones, then Android has to be the name to be included in the list. According to the reports, 8 out of 10 mobile phones sold worldwide are run by Android. This makes Android the most widely used OS around the globe.

A good mobile phone with all the necessary features is not a dream anymore. Within a very low budget, you can actually get multiple options from various brands that would meet up your needs. Even some of the best mobiles under 15000 can have outstanding performance that would go beyond your expectations.

The popularity of Android has increased over time and is now used by the majority of users in the world. We can access almost any kind of apps to perform different tasks with simple and easy steps.

Multiple features are available now on android which makes definitely the one ahead in the list. Some of the features you might know, and some might be unknown to you as well. Here we are going to discuss some of the best android features that you know before buying an android mobile.

Best Features of Android Mobile Phones in 2021

Whether it’s the apps, or accessibility, or privacy parameters, android has gone through a remarkable transformation with time. Since its inception, Android has managed to maintain its graph always towards betterments.

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In September 2020 Android has updated to its latest Android 10 version. Starting from pixel phones, now it has been used by all the major mobile phone manufacturers. Let’s see some of the best features of Android in 2021.

1. Gesture Navigation

Gesture Navigation is one of the coolest features of Android phones. You can finally get rid of the traditional navigation bar and crack the fun of the gesture navigation.

Simply using taps and swipes you can move between apps, home, recently used apps, etc. Though the settings may vary depending on the mobiles, you can almost find the access in the settings> navigation settings> and turn on the gesture navigation.

2. Wi-Fi and QR Code

With the latest Android 10 version, you can now create your own QR for your Wi-Fi, or connect to other Wi-Fis through the QR code. This makes the hotspot settings even more secured.

To use this feature, go to your Wi-Fi settings> click on your home network to select> get a small QR code to share.

3. Split Screen Mode

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you had to manage two tasks at the same time on your mobile? I have. Thanks to the split-screen mode, that allows you to do so.

Not just offering some of the best android apps, but android is giving you the scope of using them simultaneously on your device. Using this feature, you can divide your mobile screen into two sections and perform two tasks together. It gives a great edge to Android over its competitors.

4. Location Access

Android 10 gives you even more specific location control on your device. Before if you used to give an app location tracking permission, it used to track your location all the time, but now you can manage that too.

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In Android 10, you can allow the apps to locate you only when you are actively using the app. It adds more value to privacy and saves battery life as well.

5.Dark Mode

This is specially designed in the latest android versions, apart from the traditional look of your device, you can now switch to dark mode as well.

Dark mode not just gives your device a different look but also saves battery power consumption. This mode gives your eyes a soothing feeling while using the device at night. Overall, it is a good feature.

6. Privacy Settings

The latest Android versions give you an extra edge on privacy parameters. Privacy is a matter that everyone is very concerned about. Using a mobile that has access to your several accounts, be it your bank accounts, stock market account, or even social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, social10x, Twitter, etc. has a high risk of getting spammed.

So, in the latest Android versions, extra care has been taken to the privacy setting. You can manage the various permissions asked from the multiple apps. You can supervise the notifications, location access, and other permissions distinctly for different apps.


Based on our daily needs, our necessity and desire for better have evolved. With the rise in technological advancements, Android mobiles have witnessed major improvements. We don’t need to invest a huge amount of money either to get the best of Android usage. Even in a low or standard budget mobile phone, you can have all the cool and necessary features available.

The above-mentioned points are some of the most basic and useful features that your mobile should also carry. So, if you are planning to buy a new mobile in recent times, then make sure to check all the mentioned features and even beyond that.

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