What customers love on bath bomb packaging?

Filling the tub with water and getting the colorful and comforting feel of the bath bombs is loved by all. No matter how stressful one’s day is, a nice warm shower with aromatic bath bombs is perfect to relax ad refresh. People who love to treat themselves are always buying some nice bath bombs for them. However, poorly packaged ones never get their attention but the eye-candy bath bomb packaging design instantly steals their attention and compels them to make an impulsive purchase. But what makes such packaging so impactful? Let us explore

Chic illustrations that trend:

Adding a personal touch to your bath bomb packaging boxes by using doodle art or quirky graphics will grab people’s attention for sure. The colorful frizzing bubbles rising from the cute animated bathtubs, some funky bath slippers or doodle images of relaxing self-care products etc. on the boxes will entice their instincts. People would love such eccentric elements on their product packaging as it will relate to their lifestyles. Using these trending doodle graphics and odd illustrations will make people believe that your brand does not stick to outdated tactics but embraces change with modern day trends. This will give an edge to your brand while skyrocketing your bath bomb sales.

Smartly designed visual aesthetics:

The visual appeal of your bath bomb packaging has a lot to do with grabbing customer’s attention. How creatively do you design your packaging? What kind of shape and structure does it portray? How do you choose the right typography that resonates with your brand? How well does your logo echo your brand niche? What colors should you use? All these aspects need a diligent decision so that the packaging turns out to be an impactful spokesperson of your brand. This is the discipline to build your brand identity and whisper in customers’ ears’ that you are worthy of their purchase. Your product is the one that they deserve to treat themselves better. People would love to associate themselves with your brand if you impress them with smart visual aesthetics of your bath bomb packaging design and become your loyal customers for sure.

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Functionality fascinates everyone:

Visual appeal is something that draws customers towards a product but its quality and functionality are what influence their final buying decision. They would not go for a poor quality packaging that carries only fascinating visuals but feels inferior in quality. This is why you need to make sure that you only use the finest quality material in their manufacturing. Cardboard and Kraft make the best eco-friendly bath bomb packaging as they are protective yet easily customizable in unlimited styles. They provide enough security to the fragile bath bombs in all conditions and can be laminated with protective coatings for further resistance against bending and crumpling. You can also add inserts in them or simply wrap the bath bombs in some decorative sheets to multiply the protection and fascinate the customers simultaneously. There should be no void space in the bath bomb packaging boxes so that they don’t strike with the walls during transfers and get damaged. The structure of the boxes should be sturdy enough to be placed easily on the retail shelves.

Transparency takes the win:

People love it when brands embrace transparency in their bath bomb packaging ideas because obviously, they are interested in the final packaged product far more than the packaging. They want to have a glimpse of the bewitching bath bombs before making a purchase. Their colors and textures are what make them passionate about buying them. Brands have recognized this weakness of consumers and thus provide a see-through packaging to satisfy their demand. The transparent windows give a clear peek of the actual product and influence the buying behaviors. People are also concerned about knowing complete product information so that they can make an informed purchase. This is why you need to include the ingredients list, instructions and warnings about the product on its packaging or place a small pamphlet inside the box. Mentioning company information such as the website, social media handles, postal address etc. would also help customers connect with you.

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You cannot deny the importance of well-executed packaging as it is the loudest spokesperson of your brand. It not only convinces the customers, represents your brand image but gives immense exposure to your brand by taking your identity everywhere with it. So you need to design it diligently which will require some exclusive customizations. However, you can do it profitably by ordering bath bomb packaging wholesale to get them at discounted rates. So consider the marketing tactics sensibly so that you can reap maximum benefits.

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