Amchoplast Flo: Everything You Need To Know About It

Amchoplast Flo: Everything You Need To Know About It

It is a particulate human amnion chorion membranethat has undergone dehydration and micronization. It is saturated with 0.5% (w/w) of PHMB orpolyhexamethylenebiguanide, which is aantimicrobial compound having a broad spectrum range. This is the first product of its kind to have both PHMB and human amniotic membrane’s advanced healing properties. Amchoplast Flo creates a favourableconditionfor cell proliferation and adhesion.

What are the characteristics of Amchoplast Flo?

  • It’s a human skin alternative and ispreparedfrom theplacenta.
  • It’s meant for serving as a biological shield.
  • Containsnumerous extracellular matrix proteins.
  • Amchoplast Flo comes packed with over 200 cytokines, growth factors and chemokines found in human placenta.
  • It provides a structure and supports biological activities that trigger cell migration and proliferation.
  • It’s non-immunogenic in nature.
  • It’s not just convenient to handle but also readyto use.
  • It features bio-absorbability.
  • It doesn’t need to bethawed before use.
  • Since it isn’t absorbed systematically, it is safe to use.
  • It’s also safe to use Amchoplast Flo because it’s not toxic.
  • You don’t need to store it in a refrigerated state. You can store it at room temperature without the risk of spoiling it. In fact, ithas a longshelf life when stored in normal temperature.
  • Amchoplast Flo is meant for single time use. 
  • Rehydration is simple.
  • It’s sterile, hence, doesn’t pose risks of infection.
  • The size of the individual particles is around 500 Microns.
  • Amchoplast Flo has moisture content whichis not more than 15%.
  • It’s got thecapacity to reduce inflammation, boost wound healing, and decrease pain and scar tissue formation.
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How is it used?

Amchoplast Flo is used for managing non infected or infected wounds that are tunnelled, hard to reach or deep. It is also ideal for unusually shaped wounds and those with cavities.

Some examples of such wounds include moist wounds, burns of 2nd and 1st degree, abrasions, cuts, lacerations,donor sites, soft tissue reconstruction, surgical wounds, venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcersand the like.

Amchoplast Flo offers the best care to chronic sounds—

Chronic wounds are ones that don’t respond to treatment even after 4 weeks or go unhealed for over 2 months. Chronic wounds can get worsened by conditions like circulation problems and diabetes. They interfere with the body’s natural healing processes. Venous and burn injuries as well as pressure ulcers and surgical site wounds are the most common chronic wounds.

Why is chronic wound care considered difficult?

Chronic, non-healing wounds can be debilitating and pose a major therapeutic challenge. The most common treatment options for diabetic ulcers, as well as other chronic wounds include moist dressings,infection control etc.

These ulcers are often not treated with antibiotics. This could be because the systemic and topical delivery of antibiotics fails to reach the microbes due to poor circulation.

Amchoplast Flo can accelerate wound healing. And can be used alongside other treatments.

Is there an infection that could be transmitted to Amchoplast Flo recipients?

Before donating tissues, donors must be screened for any disease or medical conditions. To determine if donors have any infectious or communicable diseases, blood samples are taken from them and then tested. So, the chances of infection are rare.

Does Amchoplast Flo require any preparation before application?

No. It’s a ready to use product.

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Is it possible to reuse this product?

It can’t bereused. Thisproduct is meant for single time use.

Can more than one person use Amchoplast Flo?

This product is meant for single person use.

Doesthis product need special storage conditions?

The product can be stored at room temperature between 15 and 30C in a dry, clean area. The product doesn’t require refrigeration or freezing.

Are there live cells in the product?

No, Amchoplast Flo doesn’t contain live cells.

Is there an immune reaction to the product in the body of the recipient?

This product is not known to cause any immune system reactions.

How many applications might be needed?

The severity of the wound and the treatment you are receiving may impact the number of applications required. Talk to your doctor for further information.

Can Amchoplast Flo be used in conjunction with other treatments?

You can use this product with other wound care treatments.

Is this product safe for regular, non-chronic wounds?

Yes, this product can treat both acute and chronic wounds.

Are there any side effects to this product?

Allografts undergo proprietary processing and sterilization methods, which have been validated to eliminate potential harmful components. With biological implants, rejection is, however, possible.

Transmission of microbial and viral infections could be serious. Patients who are known to be allergic to Vancomycin, Ofloxacin or Amphotericin A should not use this product.

Is Amchoplast Flo safe to use at home under the supervision of a physician?

Yes, this product can be used at home with a physician around.

To summarize

While there are many innovative ways today to treat wounds, wound care isn’t a new concept. You can trace the roots of wound care back to the earliest civilizations. Ancient Greeks were the first to stress the necessity and importance of wound healing.

Since then, wound care has advanced a lot. It is vital for healing.

The dangerous myth that wounds heal faster if they aren’t covered is actually false. Covering wounds with Amchoplast Flo can actually speed up the healing process. 

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