What Is Bitcoin Halving and How Does It Influence the Value of Bitcoin

What Is Bitcoin Halving and How Does It Influence the Value of Bitcoin
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Bitcoin is the result of a process called bitcoin mining. Bitcoin was invented in 2009, and the network and first-ever software of bitcoin was released at first glance in 2010. Bitcoin mining block reward, which is underlined to sustain the supply of bitcoin, was 50 bitcoin units. The second block in the bitcoin complex was mined after the release of the bitcoin software.

However, the first-ever block in the Bitcoin complex was mined before the rerelease of bitcoin, which is named the genesis block or block0. Like this trading App, you can get profitable results in your bitcoin trading venture. Bitcoin halving is correspondingly the essential phase of the bitcoin network as it turns the value and profitability of bitcoin mining progression upside down. Below mentioned is an utter portion demonstrating bitcoin halving and how it influences the value of bitcoin.

What Do You Mean By Bitcoin Halving?

Bitcoin is the result of bitcoin mining, as established above. After mining, an explicit block under 10 minutes at the very first glance is known as a block reward. Block reward of bitcoin mining constantly changes with an explicit amount of time. The route of having the block reward of bitcoin mining every four years is known as bitcoin halving. Bitcoin block reward halving occurs to incline the lack of bitcoin and sustain the supply of bitcoin; you might be wondering how.

Why Was Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Introduced?

Bitcoin is a digitalized coinage with a restricted supply. The amount of bitcoin units that these bitcoin miners can ever produce is 21 million units. The block reward of bitcoin mining instance was 50 bitcoin units. If bitcoin mining had been processed similarly for a gigantic period, the supply of bitcoin would have been limited till now.

Regardless of the block reward halving, the number of bitcoin units produced till now is 18.6 million. All the more sudden increments and restrictions in the supply of bitcoin might have damaged the market cap and trading volume of bitcoin.

The block reward halving concept was correspondingly introduced to embrace the lack of bitcoin, which will incline the value of bitcoin to an extent in the coming years. To sum up, to incline the insufficiency of bitcoin at a slow pace and to sustain the supply of bitcoin for a much more extended period, the core notion of bitcoin halving was introduced.

Timeline of the block reward halving

There is a massive misconception among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, which is that bitcoin halving occurs after every four years. However, the event of block reward halving takes place when 210000 blocks are mined on the blockchain.

It usually occurs a month before four years time span, but the estimated timespan is always counted as four years. The first-ever halving took place four years subsequent to the invention of bitcoin, which means that the first-ever halving occurred on 28th of November 2012 and the 2nd block reward halving took place on 9th of July in 2016, and the 3rd block reward halving correspondingly took place 11th of May 2020, you can estimate the timing of next block reward.

How Does Bitcoin halving Influence the Value of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin value is correspondingly influenced by the bitcoin halving progression. If you have conferred the robust sources and have considered the price chart of bitcoin subsequent to the block reward halving, you might have witnessed positive growth. The fact which will surprise you is that every possible block reward halving the value of bitcoin has merely inclined and to an exceeding extent.

After the first-ever block reward of bitcoin mining, the bitcoin value surged from $10 to $1200 in just a year. Subsequent to the 2nd block reward halving the bitcoin value inclined up to $19000 from $657. At the instance of the third block reward, halving bitcoin was at a non-considerable price; however, subsequent to one year from the block reward halving, bitcoin touched the milestone of $65000.

These are some of the effects of block reward halving on bitcoin value.


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