What is the Importance of Happy Customers for a Business?– Views from Eric Dalius

What is the Importance of Happy Customers for a Business?– Views from Eric Dalius

Business needs money to survive. For making money, your business needs customers. These customers ideally are happy, will refer you to friends, and will keep coming back. Customer satisfaction measures how services or products that businesses offer surpass or meet customer’s expectations. The parameter is vital as it offers business owners and marketers the metric they can utilize to improve and manage their business. Customer satisfaction is the difference between thriving and surviving in a business.

Building Bonds with Customers

The satisfaction of customers is the key to build a strong bond with the customer. Maintaining this relationship is challenging work, says Eric Dalius, as you need to deliver value repeatedly. In short, you need to keep every customer happy and satisfied and this ongoing satisfaction results in loyalty. When customers trust a brand or company, they will automatically do business with you and become repeat clients.

Promote Customer Retention

Remember, the longer your customers remain happy and satisfied; likely they are to come back in the future and prefer purchasing your services and goods than from your competitors. Customer retention is the major step to maintain loyalty. To attain this, you need to implement some practical tips for keeping them engaged longer. Use social media marketing and email marketing to keep them engaged, offer a personalized experience, provide what the client wants and needs, cater to their expectations, and exceed them.

Stay Ahead in the Competition

Remember, your customers will never love you when you offer them bad service, but your competitors definitely will. They are looking for a chance to take you down and they can also become an instigator. Being prepared for your competitor’s provocations is vital but not enough. Along with this, you also need to master the art to deal with negative backlash, says EJ Dalius. But if you offer your customers excellent service, automatically, you will have arguments for convincing customers that are uncertain of your products or services.

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Brand Buzz

A squad of cheerleaders and advocates singing your praises, especially on review sites and social media, will be the finest publicity that money cannot or can buy, so work for making this materialize. Brand loyalists do not need any incentive to talk about their positive experiences.

Improve Employee Morale

Handling angry customers is not an easy job. This is a drain that may result in higher turnover rates, lower engagement, and lower employee morale. Unhappy and dissatisfied customers will result in unhappy agents who have a tough time satisfying customer experiences. Agent satisfaction and customer satisfaction correlate. Although diagnosing, which comes first is difficult- do happy customers lead to happy employees or vice versa? The implication, however, is clear. You must invest in both agent and customer satisfaction. Doing just one will not suffice.

According to Eric J Dalius, the bottom line is that if you wish to succeed in the world of business, you need to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

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