What Online Video Maker Will Be Like in 100 Years?        

What Online Video Maker Will Be Like in 100 Years?        

Over the last ten years, no question that there has been a boom for Online Video Maker apps. A wide variety of fantastic and easy-to-use video editing apps are readily available on various engaging platforms.

For wanna-be YouTube and TikTok stars, the options are truly limitless. And they’ll only get better.

Undoubtedly, we live at a unique time in history. In the last few years alone, personal camera technology, advances in high-speed internet access, and the growth of social media have developed in lockstep. This synergy of development has made it easier than ever to communicate with a broad audience.

Of course, it’s tempting to ask what this pace of technological growth will bring us. What will the technological advances of 2121 look like? No one knows for sure; however, we can make a few educated guesses in order to understand what video-sharing will look like a century from now. Here are just a few important surprises that the future may hold.

1. The Size of Cameras Will Be Microscopic

As you may have noticed, computers are shrinking in size as computer technology advances. Many people still remember when computers took up entire rooms. 100 years from now, a computer chip will hold so much information in such a small amount of space. Subsequently, digital cameras will take up almost no room at all. Perhaps, a camera lens in 2121 will even be heavier than all other components together.

So how will such technological advances in digital storage space change how you and I might use an online video maker in the future? From a video editing perspective, the possibilities seem to be endless. Because of their small size, cameras will be as easy to move around as the movement of an eye.

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A digital contact lens will allow us to document the world around us in high definition video that will rival real experience for all intents and purposes. Similarly, it will be like Google Glass with a more effective and easy-to-use build and no clunky glasses frames to wear.

In this environment, adding special effects will also be extremely simple: In a few seconds, you’ll be able to add vibrant and in-depth impact to your videos. Would you like to take your audience on a virtual trip to an island paradise? How would you like to set your video on Mars? Your computer processor won’t even break a sweat when making this happen.

2. Information Will Travel Much Faster

If you think high-speed internet is fast now, imagine what it will be like in 100 years. A quarter-century ago, a Facetime call would have seemed like the stuff of science fiction. Nowadays, apps like Skype and FaceTime make video calls feel like a part of everyday life.

100 years from now, however, what we think of as high-speed internet will seem annoyingly slow. Imagine a level of video quality that is better than the best Hollywood film currently on the market. Now imagine sending that video to friends in just 2 seconds.

In fact, it is almost certainly that 3D video streaming will be available to most people by 2121. Besides, camera technology will be so improved that expensive lighting rigs won’t be necessary. Your videos will be as clear and focused as the latest Tom Cruise movie.

Uploading a video to the cloud and communicating with your audience will be as instantaneous as you want. Above all, editing your videos will certainly be a breeze. An Online Video Maker in 2121 will not require much experience and will have infinite options for editing your videos.

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3. Social Media Will Be a Lot Less “Clunky”

To access social media nowadays, we still need to use a phone, tablet, or computer. In 2121, these items will seem extraordinarily clunky to the average social media user. Besides, a microchip stored in a contact lens will be far easier to use than even the most compact cellphone. And with the right approach, access to social media will be instantaneous.

100 years from now, people won’t believe how much work it takes to post a video on TikTok or YouTube. Because computers will sprint, uploading a video will take as much time and effort as snapping your fingers. To borrow the Aldous Huxley novel’s title, it will undoubtedly be a brave new world as far as social media posting or video production goes. However, users’ benefits will be equally astonishing. Likewise, ease of use in video-making and video-posting will make our technological age seem downright archaic.

Final Thought

At the moment, we are enjoying the technology of 2021. However, we can begin to anticipate what online video makers will look like in five or ten years. Subsequently, the pace of technology at this time in history is astonishingly fast; indeed, widespread access to futuristic technology is closer than we think. For the optimists among us, the near future will offer humankind an incredible variety of new developments. Honestly, the future is very bright indeed!

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