Best Whatsapp Chatbot- Tips and Tricks for the Best User Experience

Best Whatsapp Chatbot- Tips and Tricks for the Best User Experience

Are you communicating with your customers with the most preferred platform around the world? WhatsApp is the new most sought-after platform preferred by businesses and customers. It is because WhatsApp has the power to engage the customers on a personal level. Customers get to interact with the brands personally they shop from. They can get solutions to queries faster than other platforms. They can be connected to the business at their ease. This article has shared the top strategies to make your best WhatsApp chatbot most effective. Take a look at the top tips below.

WhatsApp Chatbot that Your Customers Will Love

1. Build a chatbot personalized according to your company

Before taking it to WhatsApp, build a bot according to your company’s background. Whatever platform you choose, it is essential first to develop your bot’s content that is created according to your customers. If the content is not attractive and designed as per your customer’s comfort, it won’t be of much help.

It is essential to choose the obvious questions and answers to be asked by your customers. If you are unsure where you should begin, think about the following questions. Will your customer support on WhatsApp handle customer queries? Will you use it to increase sales? Will you make it available for customers all the time or only after they log in? What questions will the customer support always answer?

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2. Don’t Add Dull Answers

If you want to implement the best WhatsApp chatbot, remember that you do not have to limit it to just texts. Although it has a few limitations as compared to other platforms, the answers have to be interesting. If you are solving customer queries on WhatsApp, ensure that there is a conversational flow. They shouldn’t feel like a chatbot is on the other side talking to them.

To make the conversation look natural, use emojis. It will make them feel like they are talking to a friend. You can use Images and Carousels to display services and products for offering them various discounts. Sharing video links related to your company is also an impressive way.

3. Design Conversations of your bot

Chatbots are ideal if you want to be available all the time to your customers. The best thing about customer support on WhatsApp is creating and designing conversations. It creates a flow of conversation. There is an answer already designed for your customer’s questions.

When you use WhatsApp, it is essential to create a rundown of questions in numbers. When they ask queries, they can answer with the query number quickly.

4. Always update

Once you have implemented the bot, it is essential to keep a check on the bot’s behavior to keep it perfect. For this, it is crucial to create a bot that provides quantitative and qualitative data on how the customers are using it.

The best WhatsApp bot is the one that engages your customers and makes them get closer to your brand. Best utilize this platform for your best customer experience.

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