Which Shooters Got the Lowest Rating In 2021?

Which Shooters Got the Lowest Rating In 2021?

With the pandemic lockdown in full swing in some places, gaming companies have been releasing some great and notable titles in 2020 and continue to do so in 2021. However, not all games can be included in this category. Some titles did not fare well among the gaming fanatics and became some of the worst picks. This article will discuss some bad shooter game titles that we have come across.

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Worst Shooter Games of 2021

As mentioned above, we will be talking about some terrible shooter games for PC that you are better not playing. These games include:

1. Medal of Honor: Warfighter

This title of the renowned franchise had high expectations after the Medal Of Honor rebooted in 2010. Medal of Honor: Warfighter was developed by Danger Close Games for the reboot, and it became famous for all the wrong reasons. For instance, this game had an incomprehensible and lousy storyline. Additionally, the AI was terrible, and the overall dynamics were kept very brief. While the overall visuals were excellent, there were still a lot of lags in the graphics, especially when there were many enemies. Due to this reason, EA stopped the development of future Medal of Honor titles.

2. Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Sniper: Ghost Warrior was the first game of the series under the same title and was developed by City Interactive. The title is about an elite sniper team, and you play as each member to overthrow the local fictional Latin American government. While the gameplay was commendable and smooth, there were some significant problems with the title. While the expansive jungles had great graphics, the same could not be said about the characters. Additionally, this shooter game plot only got repeated as you progressed. If you are looking for a good sniping game, it is advised that you avoid this title.

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3. Haze

Haze was one of the titles that were intended for release on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. However, Haze soon became a PlayStation exclusive. Sadly, the title’s high expectations were never met and mostly earned negative reviews. Most of the reviews had to do with the shooter game design – it was horribly flawed, even by the modern standards. Moreover, the characters were very generic and did not have the ‘it’ factor. The AI was very unpredictable, too. While Haze set itself as an off-beat game, all the above-mentioned factors negated the statement. It was unfortunate that Haze could not live up to the hype and expectations.

4. Enemy Front

While Enemy Front was not technically a bad game, some shooter game ideas did not make any sense. There was just one problem in the title that made this WWII-themed game very dull. In real life, the Polish Resistance was one of the most successful, hard-working, and hardest resistance groups in history against the Nazi Reich. Yet, they were portrayed as simplistic beings that thought America only had to import ‘urgency’ and ‘conflict’ to occupy Poland. The plot was all wrong.

5. Call of Juarez: The Cartel

Call of Juarez: The Cartel was one of the few shooter game online titles where you could co-op and play the game with three players within the storyline. Developed by Techland, this game had a very bad storyline. Compared to the previous games, The Cartel was set in modern-day Mexico and Los Angeles and often imitated real-life events like drug wars and human trafficking, which provoked many negative emotions from renowned reviewers. From the graphics perspective, the game looked a bit outdated. While the gun play is not bad, this game can be a one-time-play game, at most.

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6. Aliens: Colonial Marines

Developed by Sega and Gearbox Software, this title had quite a high expectation when it was released. However, the visuals were not up to the standards, the gameplay was a bit unbalanced, and the other numerous bugs stated otherwise. Of course, Colonial Marines did have some saving graces like the level designs, atmosphere, and impressive soundtrack. However, there were not enough. The developers tried hard to relate directly to the movies, even though fans were only looking for continuity.

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7. Battle: Los Angeles

This shooter game Android version (and for PC as well) called Battle: Los Angeles is based on a movie with the same title. Developed by Saber Interactive, this shooter game sadly received many negative reviews; some reasons included killing just one type of enemy, the joke of the voice acting, and the concise gaming length. The title’s storyline is the same as the movies – aliens are invading planet Earth, and you are one of the many heroes who have to save it. The only saving grace for the game was that it was priced like a downloadable game; or else, Battle: Los Angeles would have witnessed an epic failure.

Final Thoughts

The games mentioned above are some of the worst shooter games that you can play in 2021. It is recommended that you do not spend your money, time, and effort playing these games because we already know that you will not like the content. There are a lot of epic titles that you can play and have fun at. These poor FPS games have let quite of us down, especially after seeing the excitement and hype.

All in all, what are your thoughts on the topic? Let us know in the comments!

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