Six quick and easy ways to boost your router’s performance:

Six quick and easy ways to boost your router’s performance:

A slow or lagging internet connection is frustrating, isn’t it? Wi-Fi can be a delicate thing to be tampered with. At one moment, you may be relishing a strong connection, and just in a few seconds, the strength may be reduced to less than half. It would not have been a constant nagging headache if the coronavirus pandemic had not forced us all to shut ourselves indoors! 

With everyone working from home, your connection may be experiencing a lot of load due to the ongoing pandemic. Before you decide on replacing your old router, here are some tips to boost the efficiency of your router. Read this article to find out about factors that affect the performance of your router and tips to resolve them: 

  1. Location, mate: To some people, it may seem childish, but as a matter of fact, it’s true! The location of your router has everything to do with its strength. Try to place your router at some central location of your home. If it’s placed at the corners or some faraway dark room Or kept inside some fancy closet, then the signal will surely have problems reaching the right places. Also, keep in mind that your router hates suffocation. So place it in an open environment to prevent overheating and also make sure that there are no obstacles like appliances, cupboards, tables, etc., that absorb the Wi-Fi signals. The more obstacles the signal has to cross, the more is its strength.
  2. Change your WiFi channel: Living in a densely populated area can be another reason your wifi signals give you nightmares! Wifi routers use the “channel” method while sending or receiving data. And therefore, the interference from other nearby devices can cause your signals to die. It is always better to check on which WiFi channel your router is operating at. If all the neighborhood devices are working on the same channel, then it is because of the traffic that your signal strength is less. Try changing to another channel that has less load.
  3. Spend on your WiFi antenna: Spending a few bucks on a stronger antenna can do wonders for your signal strength. Most Wi-Fi routers come with those small, fancy antennas that can do everything except provide you strong signals. And if your router is placed at some corner of the house and it is impossible to change its location, then it is better that you adopt big antennas. They will provide better connectivity throughout the house.  Antennas come in various ranges and sizes. Choose one according to your needs, but don’t forget to choose the one with more gain than your current router. There are plenty of options available in the market with additional features; therefore, choose one wisely to give your signal the required boost.
  4. Reboot, Reboot, and reboot: The magic mantra to fix any device has been unlocked! And nope, we aren’t kidding. The old traditional way of rebooting your device can work wonders for your router as well. A quick reboot will fix your router’s memory while simultaneously update it.  To reboot your router use the reboot button Or disconnect the power. Both the ways work fine. If your router starts installation of an update, then wait patiently while it does so. Do not interrupt in between.
  5. Support your router with a booster or extender: These are devices that amplify the signals before broadcasting them. It will also aid the signal in reaching places where the original signal had difficulty reaching. To boost the performance of these devices, you can use apps like Wi-Fi booster apps to check and optimize the signal strength. They are easy to install and have a very large range, and will cater to your needs sufficiently. 
  6. Don’t forget to update your router: Check your device for new software updates. Updating the firmware of your router has many advantages. It will keep you secure and can save you from those malicious malware attacks, and also boost your router speed. While updating, be sure to be patient and don’t interrupt the process. Don’t panic if the router doesn’t respond initially for a few          seconds or minutes. If it takes an unusually long time to restart, then you should try disconnecting the power and restarting it once    again.
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          The problem of lagging internet connection can be a menace if not handled properly. Try to be patient while you perform the above-             mentioned tricks. Don’t complicate the situation if not sure of how to handle the device. Contact a technician if the problem persists              even after following the steps. 

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