Why Every Business Should Have a Podcast & How to Start?

Why Every Business Should Have a Podcast & How to Start?

Podcast in our current modern generation is no more a new thing that needs an explanation. Therefore, when they are piled with correct strategies, they develop great marketing formations. And this easily helps a business to entice more consumers and inflate more.

If a business starts podcasting, some basic needs will be met, like sharing an idea in the form of a message, inspiring others and alluring consumers, also promoting the services to a vast and wide sector. Besides these, there are various other benefits of podcasting, as stated below.

  1. Podcasts increase traffic to your website

Most business owners of this decade desire to gather as much attention and conversion as they can. Podcasts can smoothly help those businesses to sell their goods and services with their dominating authority and familiarity in the e-world. The website traffic that you start to gather with fame gathered from podcasts helps in getting a better return on investment.

This return on investment can be established with the help of lead generation and audience base development. In basic terms, podcasts make audiences aware of your services or products and increase your sales opportunity.

  1. Extra marketing channel with authority

Podcasts give an opportunity to listeners to tune in from anywhere they want. Mobile phones are the primary electronic device that is used to stream podcasts. Thus, podcasting is the perfect idea to build authority if you want to transport messages on the go. Your business can get listed in directories, apps, and other places where people can smoothly stream and listen.

You can also gain dominant authority in the audience’s mind with the help of audio. Studies have concluded that people who listen to audio tend to remember things more appropriately than viewing a text. With proper podcast editing, you can include several topics without making listeners lose their interest. Speak out to your target audience in a more personalized and conversational pattern to position your brand as an authority.

  1. Podcasts help in repurposing content while having highly engaged listeners

In a world in which every second is valuable, there are high chances that people have missed out on your old articles or videos, which talked about one of your particular products. Now, with correct podcast editing, you can recreate or repurpose your old posts into a new format. Thus, it gives an opportunity to people who have missed out on your older blog posts to listen to your repurposed podcasts.

According to recent statistics, it is found that 75% of podcast listeners are taking spontaneous actions from commercial messages. It establishes the idea that podcast listeners follow affiliate links and click on ads. Even studies have found that average podcasts listeners earn more than $75,000 per annum as disposable income. This confirms that the business will get a better return on investment with the help of podcasts.

  1. Build intimate associations with clients

The vast world of the internet has generated a plethora of information from brands flowing out information to our head. In today, it is actually competitive even in the online world to grab the attention of consumers, even with a website, email, or PDF. So, for that, you need to develop innate communion with your target audience. Therefore, here, podcasts can truly offer help by letting businesses form intimate bonds through content.

While listening to podcasts, listeners develop a bond with podcasters, as if they were a portion of the conversation. The closer their bond is generated with the podcasters, the easier it will be for the podcasters to get into the head of the listeners. Through this bonding, the listener will tend to invest more attention towards the commercial message.

  1. Podcasts promote a culture

Podcasting also enables business firms to showcase and promote several things about the company apart from their products and services. Your brand can either showcase the company’s work culture, what people must expect from the brand, or even what you aim for.

Podcasting will help your brand to raise the shutter and visualize what is behind the scenes. You can either explain out future projects that the brand will be working on or even display popular clients of the brand. Thereby, podcasting also helps in increasing brand reputation by highlighting every bit of the brand.

  1. Podcasts drive productivity in the workplace

Podcasts in the workplace can also drive more productivity. In traditional form, businesses used to send regular internal newsletters or booklets to every employee. But this process is time-consuming, so now, you can keep your workforce active through podcasts. Internal podcasts will deliver information about your own business to your workers without letting them waste time on reading.

How to start with your business podcast?

Now, to execute a podcast correctly, you must know some basic facts that will help you grab your audience’s attention. As a podcaster, you must be specific about your business so that you can build better brand authority. So, first, be definitive about a particular product or service and your target base.

Second, you must choose a correct name that either must be catchy or self-explanatory. Your content needs to be conversational and engaging.  Besides, you need to have a brief idea about the format in which your podcasts are going to get podcasted. The types are mainly solo shows, co-hosted shows, and interview shows. Also, it is important to define your brand’s style of presenting podcasts.

Moving on, before podcasting, you must frame out the time length of each podcast and the frequency between each podcast being released. After that, you need to gather essential equipment like microphones, cables, and computers. You also need recording and editing software for effective podcast editing.

Now, going to the post-production stage, you can add background music and cover art in supported formats. And finally, to conclude the whole process, you need to launch your podcast host it on a podcasting platform to let your customers listen.


Henceforth, the basic idea behind podcasting is to grab the audience in a very conversational manner. Most aspiring business owners must keep podcasting in their minds, along with other forms of promotional mediums.

Author Bio: Ross Plotkin is a founder of Barevalue – A podcast editing company that offers podcast editing services and show notes writing services. he usually writes articles on the topic of podcasting such as tips, guides, and information that can be helpful for beginners and advanced podcasters.


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