Fun Group Activities in Kansas City

Fun Group Activities in Kansas City

Kansas City, the largest city in Missouri, is known for the trademark KC-style BBQ, musical influence in the US, and numerous museums that showcase the culture of Missouri & neighboring Kansas state.

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Things to do in Kansas City

Kansas is a delight for kids and tourists alike. Relive your childhood with some great activities – here are some of them.

Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Zoo was founded more than a hundred years ago and is spread over 200 acres of land; it is home to animals from different continents like Africa, Australia, and Asia. The zoo has a reputation for being the best chimpanzee and kangaroo zoo in the country. You can enjoy the marine animals show and take pictures alongside brilliantly designed animal sculptures.

Worlds of Fun

Are you looking for lots of fun in Kansas City? Worlds of Fun is a theme park spread over a mammoth 235 acres. The park is divided into various sections featuring various rides and attractions like Cosmic Coaster, Prowler, Boomerang, Detonator, Flying Dutchman, Spinning Dragons, and Viking Voyager. The theme park also houses a giant water park and a haunted house – the exploration never stops in Worlds of Fun.


The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Are you interested in some insight into art and history? The Nelson-Atkins Museum is the ideal place for you – the museum’s architecture and interior are jaw-dropping. The place features unique exhibits, housing Egyptian, Arabian, Norse, and tribal sculptures & artefacts. Apart from that, the art museum has hundreds of paintings curated by well-known European, Asian and American artists.

Where to eat in Kansas City?

There is a lot to try out for foodies here. Try out some of these amazing places.

Q39 – Midtown

Addressed at 1000 W 39th Street, Q39 is known for its crazy BBQ and brilliant ambiance. The sauces and sausages are prepared in-house by skilled chefs. What can you try here? Having earned the reputation of one of the best BBQ places in the US, you should try the meat brisket, pulled pork, Caesar salad, and grilled chicken burgers.

Vietnam Cafe

Have you ever tried Vietnamese food? No? Well, then you cannot miss Vietnam Cafe, located at 522 Campbell Street. The place features a simple setting and calm ambiance – the food makes up for everything missing. Some of the must-try dishes are beef pho, yellow curry tofu, crab rangoon, and authentic Vietnamese fried rice.

Where should you stay in Kansas City?

Hotel Kansas City by Hyatt

The hotel is addressed at 1228 Baltimore Avenue, featuring magnificent interior decor. The Nelson-Atkins Museum, National WWI Museum and Science City, are major tourist attractions located within a 15 min driving distance. Hotel Kansas City by Hyatt features 3 ornate ballrooms and restaurant-cum-bar. Various services offered include a swimming pool, a fitness area, and free wifi. The per-day room rates range between $150-$200.

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Crossroads Hotel

Crossroads is located at 2101 Central Street – it is a brilliantly constructed hotel and features an Italian restaurant, a cafe, and a rooftop bar. The hotel is in proximity to the Union Station and the Kansas City Convention Center. The hotel features a fitness area, meeting rooms, and designated pet areas for your fur buddies. The per-day room rates range between $100-$200.


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