Why New World Is Quickly Losing Players?

Why New World Is Quickly Losing Players?

The current peak concurrent player count for New World is estimated to be between 300,000 and 400,000, a drop of considerable proportion compared to the game’s peak at over 950,000 concurrent players.

Further, a recent report shows that only 8% of players reached the level cap. New World is not in immediate danger, but it’s apparent that it’s losing players at this point since it appears to have lost quite a few active players.

What causes this to happen? The following is a list of the main reasons players left New World, at least temporarily.

1.   Latest Release Hype

In advance, we must clarify that New World is neither a failure nor in trouble based on the number of players it has been receiving. People still play New World today, and it’s Amazon’s biggest and most successful game to date.

The hot debut of New World can be suspected as a factor in the abrupt decline in players. New World would not have been able to maintain such absurdly high debut figures. There was always going to be a question of how fast and how far the New World would fall.

For many, New World is still an excellent source of entertainment, providing countless hours of enjoyment. Nevertheless, it is essential to consider that this drop can’t be entirely attributed to inevitability.

Also, getting coins in the game is sometimes difficult for beginners. Another reason that players who struggle to get coins may find it hard to stick to the game.

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2.   It’s Not So Great for PvE

The PvE content in New World always lags behind the PvP, but it’s still a bit shocking to see how thin it is in the endgame. New World PvE is mainly composed of Expeditions, Arenas, encounters with Elite Enemies, Invasion missions, and acquiring Legendary Weapons.

The endgame of an MMO is fairly standard, which I find the most frustrating. PvE endgame content is very scarce and does not seem unique. There is little about it that encourages you to spend a significant amount of time trying to achieve the endgame or repurposing earlier content to do so.

The PvE endgame in New World feels more like a leveling goal than an actual goal at this point, as it reveals these extraordinary new possibilities that make New World so unique. PvP content in New World carries a lot of weight, but we’ll talk more about that later.

3.   PvP in New World Needs to Improve

The promise of massive faction warfare changed the world’s power structure in the New World and offered a completely different PvP experience. So far, though, nothing like that has occurred.

PvP conflicts in New World still have inherent issues, even though the game’s Outpost Rush feature does not function. It’s quite challenging to take part in large-scale conflicts in New World’s endgame PvP at the moment because it’s so hard to access them.

New World wars require both time and resources and a bit of luck. Due to this, many players can engage in organic world PvP, which is fun but does not necessarily develop a viable and sustainable end game.

It’s possible to salvage New World’s PvP, but it will take time and effort to make it something players want to play again and again.

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4.   Leveling Is Extremely Slow in New World

Thus far, we have discussed how New World may alienate some hardcore players and may not inspire them to keep playing the game. We may also need to discuss why some players left the New World before even getting to that point. It takes forever to level up in the New World.

The leveling process takes longer than other modern MMOs because the leveling process is slower, but the systematic nature of the game might not suit everyone, so some may stop playing. Achieving Level 60 as quickly as possible can lead to people burning themselves out doing so.

New World fans may have even chosen to embrace its slower pacing and not feel compelled to continue grinding to the level cap despite its good pacing. It can also be argued that the current endgame issues support the idea that there’s no hurry.

5.   Gameplay Loops Could Quickly Drive Players Away

New World is commonly referred to as an MMO, but in reality, it’s a survival game as much as anything else. As a result, players will be spending most of their time gathering resources, crafting, and surviving.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but survival games are characterized by a unique gameplay loop, which teaches you how to cooperate and love the grind.

New World merges a slower genre with a slower genre, further slowing down captivating players. However, I can understand what people feel if they think it just seems repetitive and unsatisfying.

6.   Economy a Mess in New World

Even though the New World team has recently assured us that the economy in the game is in order, things are a bit messed up right now.

In New World, where players are experiencing a deflation issue unique to the title, many of the items they purchased have become worthless, and it’s best to keep your coins rather than spending them on most of the goods in the game.

Although things are slowly improving, the current situation isn’t delightful. It may discourage hardcore players, but even new players may fear grinding to the end when they find out the game’s grim economic prospects. Overall, New World is still a worthy game to enjoy.

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