Why WordPress CMS is a Great Platform for Businesses

Why WordPress CMS is a Great Platform for Businesses

Whether you own a small business or multi-level company, you must have heard the name of platforms like Magento, Shopify, WordPress, etc. The process of developing a website brings these names into your life. Each platform has its own set of advantages, while most of them are utilized for niche purposes.

Here we are going to discuss specifically about WordPress. It came into the market as a blogging platform, and over the period of time, it evolved as a dynamic and versatile CMS. The majority of web development companies use it to build fully -functional sites of any category.  The number is a clear indicator of how prevalent WordPress is. From a hobby blog to the world’s largest online news site, 43% of web users use WordPress capabilities. The number is a clear indicator of how prevalent WordPress is all across the globe. 

Many renowned companies utilize WordPress to build market-ready websites, including BBC America, Sony Music, Walt Disney, Whitehouse.gov, and so forth. It’s also an open-source software meaning it is entirely free, redistributable, and provides unlimited validity.

Except for the basics of WordPress, there are many other reasons behind WordPress’s large market share. Let’s have a quick discussion about them.

6 Reasons Behind WordPress’s Huge Popularity 

  • Easy Customization

Millions of people make use of WordPress to develop their websites. Are all of them are developers or have vital technical skills? Clearly no. It is possible due to WordPress’s simple user interface, functionalities, and easy-to-understand options available in its dashboard. 

The power-packed WordPress tools, plugins, and themes are the reason that anyone with zero coding knowledge can also create dynamic and engaging websites. With WordPress, site management is even more, easier once it is tested and live. WordPress continuously rolls out its update for new plugins, themes, and better tools that anyone can install within a click. 

  • Built-in SEO Boost

A plethora of web traffic comes from the audience using search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Your website ranking on various search engines can bring a lot of traffic to the site. That’s why businesses keep playing tug-of-war for traffic and focus a lot on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

 This is imperative to grab the attention of new consumers. Search engines such as Google and others set their own parameters to rank websites. With WordPress, you don’t need to worry as it effectively manages them. You can even seek assistance from agencies providing WordPress web development services. WordPress offers an edge in terms of SEO, especially on-page. It concentrates on significant cornerstones of the site that includes:

  • User-friendly CMS
  • Easy customization options
  • Precise HTML markup
  • Efficiency for content creation
  • Incorporation with Software Tools

You are building a website for a purpose, and it can be either to inform your customers about your products or services, lead generation, or simply display your work. Whatever your goal is, you need to integrate other third-party tools to accomplish them. These apps can be analytics applications, email marketing apps, social media apps, and so forth. 

WordPress is a prominent platform for most of the online tools and applications you integration that you require in the future. Regardless of the matter that your application connects with the plugin or an API, you can easily embed it in your WordPress site. 

  • WordPress Security

Many businesses trust WordPress as a platform to build their website, and a high- level of security is one of the fundamental reasons. It is impractical to remove all the loopholes that hackers cannot exploit. But WordPress regularly releases security updates to secure it from vulnerabilities. As a website owner, you should be least worried about your website being hacked.

To greatly minimize the security risk, you should constantly update the website to its latest version. Moreover, WordPress web development service providers should only utilize the plugins and themes that are secure. If you want a super-secure website, you can also use a WordPress host like FlyWheel.

  • Wide Range of WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress offers thousands of in-built free and paid plugins and themes to select from. Moreover, developers and designers keep exploring and offering new themes to add more value to the platform. 

Despite the device you use on mobile, desktop, or others, WordPress enhanced functionality, and SEO optimization makes every site user-friendly and dynamic. You can also find theme-based categories such as blog, business, portfolio, eCommerce, and so forth. With these options, you can build a site the way you want it to look. 

Just like WordPress theme heap, WordPress also offers plugins to cater to your needs. Plugins are imperative to integrate additional functionality into your site. Yoast SEO, Jetpack, WooCommerce,  Google Analytics, W3 Total Cache, Google XML sitemap, etc., are widely preferred plugins. 

  • Mobile Optimization

With each passing year, more users utilize hand-held devices to visit websites. But still, many websites are available on the internet that are not optimized for various screens ratios and fast loading. With WordPress, you can luckily utilize some built-in WordPress functionality and WordPress themes to pack your site with mobile features. 

With a responsive WordPress theme, you can handle site scaling to other significant features with no external cost. This will assist business owners in delivering an excellent user experience to the users across all the devices. Google also prioritizes mobile experience as its ranking benchmarks; therefore, if you want to show up your site in mobile search results, this is exceptionally vital to think about.

Wrapping It Up!!

Nobody can deny that WordPress is one of the widely utilized CMS platforms. With improved dashboard functionality, new SEO features, and UI updates arriving in the future, the platform is only getting better with time. WordPress has a robust following globally. 

If you want to test and try other platforms, you need specific coding knowledge. But if you are a business owner, blogger, eCommerce professional, etc., someone with a non-technical background, WordPress is the most appropriate option. Apart from having complete control over your site, you will get additional benefits such as themes, plugins, tools, community support, and so on. Now it’s time to kickstart your website development process using WordPress. Whether build your site on your own or seek assistance from an experienced web development company to get a fully-functional website in the first go.  

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Tom Hardy is a senior web developer at the well-established company Sparx IT Solutions. He possesses a year of experience and excellent industry exposure in developing futuristic sites. He likes to use his ideal time by writing informative and engaging blogs. 


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