Worst Email Marketing Mistakes You Can Make: Top 6 List

Worst Email Marketing Mistakes You Can Make: Top 6 List

Many websites have pop-ups requesting site visitors to subscribe to the company’s newsletter by providing their email addresses. Statistics have revealed that most businesses rely on email marketing to boost their marketing campaigns. However, it is not as easy as it seems. The job begins after acquiring the email addresses. Many businesses have a hard time turning their subscribers into customers—and this starts by having the wrong email address.

In this article, we expound more on six mistakes in email marketing that may reduce the email conversions of many marketers, bloggers, and general businesses. We will also guide you on how you can rectify them and increase your conversions.

Let’s get into it!

Missing or unclear call-to-action

Sending emails to clients with the updates alone may not be effective. A distinct call-to-action is necessary, whether on an email, a landing page, a blog post, etc. You cannot afford to send an attractive marketing mail without directing the clients to the path of making a purchase and changing from a subscriber to a client. Your call-to-action is your perfect weapon for this. Ensure you have a straightforward and easy to find call-to-action and use more actionable words.

Failing to optimize your emails for mobile

Due to the upsurge in technology, people prefer to quickly go through their emails on mobile phones instead of finding laptops or computers. Therefore, you need to optimize your emails so that a person using a phone will have the same effect as a person using a larger screen. The images should not be larger than 600 pixels, and the email content should be in a single column. Test the mail on a mobile phone before sending it out. If your mails are not optimized for mobile phones, you risk losing the population that uses their mobile devices for emails and business, thus decreasing your email conversion rate.

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Poor grammar and spelling mistakes

Your presentation determines how your target audience views your product or service. If you portray a person who cannot write or proofread an email, your audience may judge that you also don’t proof check your products to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. To avoid such instances, consider re-reading your emails, and having one or two more people read them and make the necessary corrections.

Purchasing email lists

Ever thought of a terrible idea in email marketing? Purchasing emails. Think about it. You would most likely be annoyed when a newsletter or other marketing materials you did not subscribe to pop up in your email. Strange marketing emails make potential clients suspicious of a possible scam. As a result, many will barely open such mails.

Buying the email lists can also lead to the destruction of the brand you have worked to build. Instead of buying an email list, work on building a strong brand to attract genuine subscribers. This way, you can be sure that whoever you send the email is interested in what you have to offer. It increases your chances of turning the subscriber into a client.

Spam emails

Sending a bunch of emails could damage your chances of building a client-relationship with your subscribers. A lot of emails does not mean faster execution of your marketing plan; instead, it turns off your potential clients and could lower your email conversion rate. It may also trigger your subscribers to unsubscribe or block your emails, which is harmful to your marketing strategy.

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Create a schedule and organize your emails to be sent in intervals such as monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, etc. In each mail, ensure you have valuable content and include attractive offers to increase your email conversion rate.

Delayed or no welcome mail to new subscribers

When you have a new subscriber, the worst mistake that many organizations make is not reaching out to them immediately. Every client who subscribes is seeking to find more information about your business. It does not mean you have to wait until the release of the next newsletter to be the first time they hear from you.

Welcoming your new clients is the first step in building a reliable relationship with them. As soon as the subscriber sends their email, an automated welcome mail should open up the path to making them your next client. It is also known to be the mail with the highest open rate.

Bottom Line

Lastly, don’t forget to verify the emails you have on your list. Today, there are different email verification tools, like the email validation solution by Byteplant that can help you to validate the accuracy and authenticity of your targeting addresses. These tools come in handy when creating your email marketing strategies. They assist you to identify emails that are unsafe as well as invalid.

Besides, they can save you time and money, you’d have spent on your marketing strategies—thus helping you avoid unwanted losses.


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