10 Card Holders Ideas to Make Your Wedding More Special

10 Card Holders Ideas to Make Your Wedding More Special

Weddings are indubitably one of the most important and special days of a person’s life. Following the memorable celebration and festive happenings of your momentous event, you return home with a crushing load of gifts, including wedding cards. Everything that is put cleanly and in an organized manner saves you from a lot of effort and jumble, making the whole shebang easier for the newly-wed couple.

We will give you different and loving ideas for a card box to keep all of your wedding cards in an easy and accessible place. You can buy a simple card box or make yourself a decorated and beautiful case with DIY products. We hope to blow you away with ten creative, unusual ideas for your cardholders.

Log Card Piece

A rustic card box made from the section of log exhibits elegance. It is a woody idea to grab the attention of the recipient. It has a swivel lid that can be bettered with a magnet to make it quite ‘attractive.’ It gives a natural vibe and can also be reused as a piece of decoration for your garden.

Mailbox Card Box

Do you want to give your attendants a classic feel? Having a personalized mailbox is surely your way to spread nostalgia in this modernized world. You can write cute texts or paint on it to make it look sweet.

DIY Kraft Card Box

You receive your online ordered products all the time in rigid and reusable packaging. These boxes can be used to turn them into special gift boxes. For instance, have a big cardboard packaging or even order wholesale small kraft boxes, and cut and stick them according to the preferred shape to give personal feeling to you and your occasion.

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Card Basket Holder

This is a ready-to-go idea as all you have to do is acquire a basket, wired, angling or anything you prefer, and attach a label to its front, shouting: “Put your gift cards here!” or you can come up with your own message. You cannot get anything more comfortable than this method.

Wooden Crate Card Box

Those kitchen decors that look like wooden crates can also be used as card boxes to give it a vintage feeling. It has a French countryside, romantic sensation and multiple crates can be used without ruining the image of your gift boxes.

Floral Vase

It is an aesthetic idea to make your card box chic and classy. Imagine putting all the cards inside a transparent vase with beautiful add-ons on its surface. A flowery display will sweep the floor underneath your feet.

Lantern/Wishing Well Card Box

Your card boxes become ethereal when they are given a particular look. We pitch an idea of making your card box look like a classic lantern or a wishing well to multiply its style. The glassy and woody detailing with the name of the bride and groom will lighten up the event.

Clothespin Card Box

You can add strings of detail to your innovative gift box to make guests know where the cards will go. You can use tablecloth linens or clothespins that will speak the name of individuals to make it even more special and turn your wedding day memorable in the hearts of guests as well.

Lobster Trap Card Box

Those who love aquatic themes and want to give their card box a deep and beautiful meaning should consider this idea. You can create or buy boxes similar to lobster traps and adorn them with shells, netting, and such stuff to pay reverence to the sea.

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Romantic Card Box

This is the most beautiful and glorious style of card box as it spreads love in the air. You can have a glass box with roses, hydrangeas, and scented candles with a subtle, luminous finishing to make your guest fall in love with it. After all, your wedding represents love and nothing else.

We do not want to constrict you to these ideas. Anything from a box to a bowl can be your cardholder, it just depends on your creativity. Think out of the box to come with a surreal idea for your cardholder.

You can also present your fads on the display to show a mutual hobby as a couple. Glamorize your art with feathers, cushions, stones, pearls, and whatsoever.

You can find many boxes lying around at your home or you can order them online from any leading packaging company. It is just an idea to show you what you can do with your innovative thoughts.

These ten-card boxes are the most unique and loved ideas. We work to please cute couples globally without taking their money, effort or time. We just want to be a part of all the happiest occasions throughout the world, and it is our way to give you a present that will stay in your hearts forever.

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