10 social media tools for learning

10 social media tools for learning

In this modern era, we can easily connect with people who live 1000 miles far away, by just tapping in our mobile phones.

Nowadays, people use Google for everything, it helps to know information about almost everything under this sun.

For educators and students, this mode gives faster access, which is thrilling and mind-blowing. However,  there are so many social media tools available online, so it’s like confusing to find one from it.

How to find which social media platform is best for your goals? Which social media organization offers the best resources? Which helps educators and students to communicate better?

You may have come across all such questions in mind, as we are seeing gallons of information online every single day.

Benefits of social media in Learning

Social media platforms have turned into an integral part of our daily life, and it helps to craft education more natural than ever before.

Social media sites work as a classroom for students and make learning joyful rather than boring methods.

However, social media platforms can be used in different ways to integrate better learning in the classroom, which offers options like share announcements, hold live lectures, and a lot more.

First of all, social media platforms serve as a mediator and direct tools for communication between students, teachers, and parents, who can respond and ask questions.

Social media also helps students to get a wide range of e-learning opportunities. With online classes, students gain more knowledge to work remotely, as they get training to do things from distance. Only social media tools can help students to build this skill better.

As an educator or student, you need to understand the impacts of social media in learning too. Moreover, social media is the best option to prepare students for this advanced technology world.

To simplify this chaos, we have analyzed various social media platforms and listed the 10 best social media tools for students and teachers.

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1. TedEd

TedEd offers the best insights through short and animated videos. This platform is really helpful for learning subjects like science, technology, social studies, literature, language, art, health, psychology, and business and economics.

It’s a slight variation of Ted talks, comprising its communities and clubs, this platform helps students to collaborate with educators simply and effortlessly.

2. Google+

Google+ comes with the best virtual communication opportunities for students and teachers, it has great themes and graphics that manages to deliver learning into art.

As it helps students who can’t understand complex subjects with just traditional methods and these tools conveys everything more visual.

The students can build their own circle here, and make the learning path more understanding and convenient for them.

3. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, almost everyone has their own account on this platform. It also helps students to connect and communicate with their friends and family.

You can learn so many things from Facebook groups, posts, and communities, as it’s a smooth way of learning.

However, students must have one separate account for the professional learning process, it helps them to stay connected without any distractions.

4. The Connected Educator

This tool is exceptional from the rest, as it helps educators to build relationships with other educators.

The edConnect opens up several doors for educators to find like-minded individuals and it helps students to find innovative educators at the same time.

This site includes a Visual Mapping Engine that helps educators and students to save their time and effort with simple learning methods.

5. Edmodo

Edmodo is a great learning tool that offers various options such as posts, calendars, and general communication between educators and students.

You can learn things more simple and effective using this linking tool with the presentation. All these features help educators to share their knowledge and skills with students predominantly.

6. Academia.edu

For academics and research scholars, this tool offers authentic research papers, Academia.edu records over five million visitors every day.

This tool also helps Academics to monitor their research works effectively and also gain knowledge from other academics of your interest.

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This social media tool is a great option for collecting various data and information on multiple subjects.

7. WordPress

WordPress has a wide variety of themes, it is one of the most widely used platforms by teachers and students. WordPress helps to set communication better and makes students learn lessons easily.

WordPress comes with a Chalkboard theme for education, it helps students to understand lessons effectively with great visuals.

Also, it helps students to create their own platform and share their knowledge through blog posts.

8. Blogger

Blogger is similar to WordPress, it helps teachers to connect with students through innovative themes such as diary-style writing.

Students can access links, lessons, and thoughts from educators. Also, this online learning platform helps students to learn at their comfort.

9. Skype

Skype allows people to connect with anyone in this world at any time. This tool not only allows students to connect with teachers, but it also helps to broaden their views.

Educators can make use of this platform to connect virtually with students. Moreover, the Skype team offers a portal that is solely dedicated to educators to teach their lessons to students.

10. YouTube

YouTube is the lifesaver of online learning nowadays, students can search for various categories and learn through videos.

YouTube online learning platforms have several subcategories such as a university, science, business, and engineering.

YouTube also has a specific category for teachers, to guide them for teaching dedicatedly. This social media site offers great videos for students that make complex subjects learning in simple searches.

Wrap up

Social media platforms play a vital role in keeping students as well as teachers to be updated and connected with each other.

It helps to build strong communities between peers and helps individuals to interact with each other across the globe.

Efficient use of social media tools can make learning more interesting as well as enriching for students.

Never stop learning, Cheers!

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