11 Best Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails that Look Fabulous

11 Best Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails that Look Fabulous
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In today’s world, we apply for resources on YouTube for multiple reasons: from entertainment to educating or solving various problems, and many more. Anyway, one channels on the platform are more successful than the other. The logical question arises, why is that so?

Of course, there is no way we can deny the importance of provided content itself. But still, several more nuances do exist. One of them is the right choice of YouTube thumbnail fonts. They work on the attraction of potential viewers, so that video gets more clicks, which in turn helps to reach the tops.

Take a look at our list of the best fonts for YouTube thumbnails that look fabulous.

1. Impact

Here the name speaks for itself. The main purpose of it is to impress, and it undoubtedly gets the job done. This plain and bold sans serif font is pretty eye-catching, but allows all other details of the picture remaining visible as well. It is a versatile font that will suit different YouTube users.

2. Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is very common among bloggers for thumbnail creation. The thin letters add a sense of simplicity and elegance, which looks attractive to followers. This font is suitable for any type of content. Some youtubers use it on a constant basis.

3. Badaboom BB

Most often Badaboom is used for entertainment content: pranks, games, challenges, do it yourself, etc. Thus, it is not a universal font. Its purpose is to bring some kind of gaiety and amusement. Badaboom allows changing of the hues and also adding highlights around it.

4. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is more of a fairytale font that will give your thumbnails a special touch. It definitely will be the great solution as it is very pretty and a little bit spicy. It stands out, but it doesn’t take all the attention. Also, despite all this, it fits perfectly into different themes.

5. River Drive

River Drive is a very special font. Seems to combine the incongruous in himself: he is at the same time gentle, but at the same time contains something from rock. Letters written in “thick chalk” give an incredible effect that cannot be missed when searching for something to watch on YouTube.

6. Bangers

Bangers-like fonts can be found in mid-20th century superhero comics. This might be an amazing decision to use this font in order to create thumbnails.

7. DK Mandarin Whispers

The next font is DK Mandarin Whispers. It is considered quirky, but it goes well with a wide palette of colors and different images. Perhaps it cannot be called absolutely universal, but nevertheless it integrates well.

8. Lilita One

Need the perfect font for your titles? Try Lilita One. It is a bold typeface with a slightly compressed structure for a soft yet stylish look.

9. Bernhard Modern std

Next font seems to hint at the elegant and gentle content of the video.  Bernhard Modern std is a simple font with good compatibility. Very popular with bloggers; it is regularly utilized by the British youtuber Zoella.

10. Budmo

This font is a big departure from the others on this list. Budmo is a bold lettering with splashes in the middle to give a glowing effect. Such a modern font works especially well with muted tones.

11. League Gothic

And the last font in our selection of the superior fonts for YouTube thumbnails is League Gothic. The inspiration for its creation was the font designed back in 1903 for the American Type Founders Company. Hence, it is a classic gothic font in the old style. Despite its longstanding origins, it is very versatile.


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