3 simple ways to supercharge your iPhone 8

3 simple ways to supercharge your iPhone 8

Back in September 2017, California tech giant Apple released the iPhone 8. The iPhone, at the time a landmark release, featured an attractive aesthetic, a superfast A11 processor, upgraded camera, and Apple’s unique True Tone display. The handset was well received by the public and critics. Users liked the inductive charging and ability for much-improved photography. 

With this in mind, the iPhone 8 didn’t go without its fair share of issues. A small percentage of iPhone 8’s reportedly featured a manufacturing fault on the logic board. Users who were unfortunate enough to purchase devices amongst this small percentage experienced poor functionality, unresponsive screens and a failure to turn on. With quality in mind, Apple initiated a trade-in programme for all affected devices. Fortunately, the issue didn’t affect the iPhone 8 Plus. 

Despite this, as of 2017, Forbes estimated that Apple was still selling more than 1 million iPhone 8’s and X’s per day. The phone was so popular that even after being discontinued upon the release of the SE, Apple decided to begin selling refurbished iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus handset in 2020, the same year it released its latest device, showing the devices continued popularity with consumers.

Considering Apple’s continued sale of refurbished iPhone 8’s and the huge number of devices still in the second-hand market, this brief article gives users 3 ways to supercharge their iPhone 8 to either get the most out of its use or maximise the devices sale value when it’s time to trade it in for a newer model. 

Portable charging

One of the biggest challenges for smartphone manufacturers is the rate at which technology evolves. Moore’s law suggests we can expect the speed and capability of computers to increase every 2 years. This is particularly challenging for companies like Apple. When they release a device, the battery is usually suitable for the average use of any regular user at the time; however, not only do batteries lose capacity over time, and with the number of charges, the usage also changes. As the number of applications users rely upon grows and their battery intensity increases, older phone batteries become less reliable.

You can solve this for your iPhone 8 by purchasing a portable charging case. These handy cases feature a built-in charger which usually provides at least one full charge and can be charged simultaneously with your device in the evening.  

Clearing the cache

Almost all electronic devices, whether it’s a laptop or a smartphone, rely upon a digital cache to make the user experience as accessible as possible. These caches store temporary data from websites and apps, remembering your preferences, passwords and history to make your next experience easier and simpler. However, these temporary storage caches take up space and over time can clog up your device. I recently revived an almost dead laptop simply by clearing all of its caches. 

A simple Google search of ‘how to delete iPhone 8 cache’ will turn your sluggish iPhone 8 into a supercharged device that performs as good as the day it was made. 

Device unlocking

One of the most simple ways to supercharge your device is by using a company like DirectUnlocks to Unlock iPhone 8 handsets. More people than ever are turning to network contracts as a means to purchase the latest technology. Handset prices are slowly rising, and these contracts offer affordable monthly purchase plans. However, locked devices cost more when traveling due to the price of roaming charges, provide less flexibility for users who wish to pursue cheap data packages, and are worth far less in the second-hand market. Unlocking your device is easy, all you need is your IMEI number and you’re ready to go, all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’ve paid off your device or not, unlocking it gives you or the next buyer access to a whole host of deals not available to locked users.

So, whether you plan to keep your device a little longer, purchase a refurbished iPhone 8, or are ready to trade your handset in, these 3 simple steps will help you get the most out of your device whatever your short to long term plans are.


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