How Can I Recover Data from Hard Disk Drive?

How Can I Recover Data from Hard Disk Drive?

The market is brimming with ways to recover data from the hard disk drive, depending on the type of damage that has caused the data loss. There are mainly two kinds of damage – logical and physical damage. Logical data damage is when the data is lost from a hard disk drive due to logical reasons such as deletion, formatting, etc. The data lost due to logical reasons could be recovered by using data recovery software. On the other hand, physical damage is when the hard disk drive is damaged physically. In this article, we will discuss data loss due to physical causes and the ways to recover data from hard disk drive.

Causes for Hard Disk Drive Damage

There are various factors that can lead to a damaged hard disk drive, such as:

  1. Manufacturing Fault: A fault during the manufacturing of the hard disk drive can result in the drive to turn unrecognizable or the system to hang or unable to boot.
  2. Power Surge: Improper power supply can also damage the hard disk drive. Due to this, it could stop spinning or not be detected by the system.
  3. Overheating: Improper ventilation or a faulty CPU fan can result in overheating of the hard disk drive.
  4. Mechanical or Internal Failure: An internal or mechanical failure means that the internal elements of the hard disk drive become faulty. The moving parts or the spindle motors of the hard disk drive degrade with time and start making a grinding or clicking sound. This may result in a black screen or a system freeze.
  5. Corrupt File: Accidental closure of the programs or unethical and sudden shut down of the computer system can corrupt and damage the stored files.
  6. Human Errors: Incorrect OS installation, accidental deletion of files, modification in system file attributes, and other human errors can cause damage to the hard disk drive, resulting in permanent data loss.
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How do I Know if the Hard Disk Drive is Physically Damaged?

Following are some symptoms that you can check to know if the hard disk drive is damaged:

  • Clicking or whirring sound coming out of the hard disk drive.
  • The system fails to recognize or detect the hard disk drive.
  • Frequent file corruption errors and bad sector error messages.
  • Frequent system crash and slow file access speeds.
  • The system shows incorrect HDD information in the BIOS.

How to Recover Data from Damaged Hard Disk Drive?

To recover data from damaged hard disk drives safely, contact Data Recovery Service providers such as Stellar, they are the best among all the available data recovery services in India. Stellar offers a hard disk drive pickup facility from the doorsteps of the client. After receiving the hard disk drive, Stellar consults the client about the extent of damage, cost of data recovery, and other details related to the process. It begins the data recovery process only after taking permission from the client. During the process of data recovery, Stellar ensures complete safety and security of the recovered data, under its strict 100% privacy policy. The expert technicians restore the data from the physically damaged hard disk drive in Class 100 Clean Room labs.

Here are some points which should be considered after losing data:

  • Do not attempt to recover data from the affected hard disk drive on your own.
  • Do not try any random methods on the affected hard disk drive.
  • Make sure that the affected external hard disk drive is placed safely in a protecting cover.
  • Do not accidentally drop the affected hard disk drive as it may worsen the case of data loss.
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The article covers all the aspects of a physically damaged hard disk drive. If you’ve lost data from a hard disk drive due to physical damage, immediately contact Stellar Data Recovery Services, which are the best services for data recovery from a hard disk drive in all data loss situations. Stellar data recovery India has 15 branches across all major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc. They have experienced a team of technicians, who by using sophisticated tools and techniques; help recover data with utmost safety and integrity. For 100% customer satisfaction, go for Stellar data recovery.

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