6 factors to organize a reliable attendance management system

6 factors to organize a reliable attendance management system
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Workforce dynamics are continually shaping with the world, and organizations need to keep up with these transformations. Given the current pandemic situation, managing work time, attendance, and policies can certainly become overwhelming for employers. It has become necessary to monitor employee attendance to keep the company running smoothly. The importance of a reliable attendance management system is very important to get an accurate description of employee performance. Managers are required to know which employee is working for how long, their scheduled vacations, and if they are wearing out in their work. Employees are key assets of the organization, and they need to know how to monitor their attendance and time. By maintaining an attendance management system, employers can assess which employees show up on time and which are consistently late. It also has many downsides, the top six benefits of it are listed below

Productivity increase

Manually managing and monitoring attendance can be a tedious, overwhelming, and costly task. it takes a lot of time to process the attendance sheet, authorize vacations, and process their payroll. Using an attendance management system will make each process automated, thereby saving precious manual hours as well as producing accurate results. The time and effort saved allows HR professionals to focus on more pressing tasks, such as developing hiring and growth strategies for the company.


Filling in data from numerous employees and manually handling all the processes involved can become routine and monotonous for HR, leading to errors by default. This doesn’t solely make it difficult for payroll, but it can also get you sued. Automating processes lowers the risk of manual errors and ensures reliable results for all calculations.

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Limiting absenteeism

While it is unfair to say that every employee is the same, many of them abuse an ineffective attendance system through the buddy-bumping system, time abuse, and overcompensation. If there is a proper attendance system in place, such tardiness can be eliminated. When employees know that they will only be paid for the days they have worked, they are likely to visit the office regularly, resulting in less absenteeism. This increases their productivity and saves much of the cost to the company that would otherwise be wasted on overcompensating employees because of a faulty and inefficient system.

Clear information

Every organization, especially if it is large, needs monthly reports generated on vacations, payroll, overtime, etc. All employees. Because the data is centralized, any report can be generated that increases visibility and visibility within the company. Employers can also refer to a graphical chart of employees to get a clear picture of their work and attendance. With a concentrated hub for all data, managers can reap maximum rewards by developing all sorts of tasks, such as analyzing and improving policies, workplace culture, hours, etc. This helps them stay on par with a rapidly changing world and stay ahead of their competitors.


There are many attendance management systems available on the market, so you can choose the one that fits your company’s needs and requirements. In addition, there are systems available on the market such as biometric, which can be integrated with your existing system to make it more secure. Many come with a GPS tracker, which is the need of the hour as people work remotely because of the ongoing pandemic. You can design configurations for individual attendance shifts with the ability to customize attendance cycles, vacation deductions, punch in/out and additional holidays.

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Safety and compliance

Most attendance systems are built with a high degree of security, making them safe and secure. This helps prevent time theft, friend strikes, and eliminates the added cost of lost IDs or forgotten PINs. These systems are relevant to organizations where security is a major concern because of sensitive data. In addition, the system helps with legal compliance. Even a minute mistake can end up costing a company a fortune and violating labor laws. An attendance system ensures that employees get exactly what they deserve by automatically calculating their work days and vacations, thereby creating an accurate payroll.

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