7 Authentic Ways to Grow Instagram Followers in 2021

7 Authentic Ways to Grow Instagram Followers in 2021

Instagram was officially launched on October 6, 2010. And since there is no going back from a simple photo-sharing app, it has now transformed into a social media giant. With over 500+ million daily active users, it provides a great stage for the users to market content in front of a large audience.

With such a user base, there is huge competition on the platform to attain as much audience as possible. So if you are an Instagram user or thinking about using Instagram to market your product/brand and looking for some simple and effective ways to gain followers, then this blog is just for you. You can also learn from here how to create original instagram content.

We have listed the 7 most amazing ways to gather followers for your Instagram followers in this blog.

7 Ways to Grow Followers On Instagram

No one can deny that Instagram provides a great opportunity for its users to express themselves and grow their follower base on the platform. However, to stand out from the crowd, you need to have some smart strategies that help you in building an excellent follower base. So, follow these amazing tips as they might help you achieve your desired goals on the platform.

  1. Post engaging content

No matter what platform you use or when you upload, never let this thought skip your mind that content is the real king. If people relate to your content, they are most likely to follow your account to get regular amazing content.

If you are running a business and using Instagram to promote your business, then post regularly about your product or repost content from your customers, post their reviews, social proofs, and images while using the product.

Post images of your products in a creative way to attract more people to your account. You can even post short or IGTV videos that explain your products/brand. You can even use IGTV videos to upload behind the scenes of your advertisement or provide a little sneak into affords that go in while making your product.

  1. Embed Instagram feed on the website

Posting amazing, lively and engaging content not only helps your Instagram account but can also help your website. By simply embedding Instagram feeds on the website, you can add a charm to your website and, at the same time, can create awareness for your Instagram account.

People who are unaware of your Instagram presence would also know about it when they get to view content from your Instagram account, and they even can follow your Instagram handle. So you can consider this a strategy to market your Instagram account and your products simultaneously.

Although Instagram provides you with the option to embed the post on your website, you have to collect each post one by one and continue the same process every time. Hence, we suggest you use social media aggregators for this process as they simplify the embedding process, save your time, and save your efforts. In addition, they automatically refresh the feed as they display the content as soon as it is uploaded on the platform.

  1. Use appropriate Hashtags!

Hashtags are an important aspect of Instagram, and it helps you categorize your content under one umbrella and capture your target audience. People often search for products or brands using the hashtag, and you can even launch your hashtag campaign to spread brand awareness and recognition. And it might help you to get more Instagram Followers as people love to post using hashtags.

  1. Follow your target audience

Follow for follow is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and yet it is useful. You can track the people who follow brands from your industry and individually follow their Instagram account. You can even go through the followers’ list of your competitors and follow people individually. It will develop an interest in the mind of those individuals, and they might follow you back as well.

  1. Post entertaining content

No matter what social media platform you are using, there is no alternative to quality content. Remember, content is the king, so as you post better quality content, it enhances your chances to draw people’s attention. There will be more attention, and it might encourage people to follow you to get regular entertaining content.

  1. Follow the trend

People love to stay updated with the latest trend and view content that focuses on recent happenings. The Instagram algorithm also supports them as these kinds of posts have more traction and engagement. And when you get support from the Instagram algorithm, it eventually helps you to gain more followers.

  1. Use the power of reels

Instagram recently launched their new feature called Instagram Reels, and it has become an instant hit; even Instagram promotes reels and provides a boost to them. These are bite-sized videos, and hence, they require less attention span; viewers can go through them easily and without investing much time.


In today’s time, social media strength is considered as one of the mediums to measure a brand’s reputation and quality. And as Instagram stands all as one of the most influential social media platforms, it becomes crucial to have a strong Instagram presence. And with some intelligent techniques like mentioned above, you can easily achieve them. While using Instagram, there is another usage of the platform as well. And that is, if you are using Shopify as your eCommerce platform, you can add Instagram feeds to Shopify with the help of Shopify apps. It serves to beautify your store and create a good impression on your consumers.


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