How to download and install iPA store iOS

How to download and install iPA store iOS

Struggling with downloading the apps related to the third party as it is paid, then there is lots of software like Kuaiyong, iPA, Panda Helper and many more. You can proceed with your favourite kind of app installer.

Kuaiyong is a software that provides an easy download to the paid apps on iOS without jailbreaking the device. It also allows you access to many unofficial stores that you can use to search and download the latest versions of apps and games on the iOS 9-10 system. You can also go for iPA store iOS, which offers free services for some of the third-party apps. iPA Store is one of the best kuaiyong alternative apps.

What is an iPA store?

iPA demonstrates the iPhone Application Archive, which is a simple design utility store for your device and is the best third-party app store made by the AppCake team, which allows access to tweaked apps without ads on your iPhone and iPad. The iPA store enables you to download all the modified files that belong to the third-party apps. For downloading the iPA store, the iOS of the desired device should be jailbroken.

What are some features of the iPA store?

Before stepping towards the installation process, you should learn about some of the features of the iPA store that make it the best app installer for your device.

  • Universal app

The iPA stores are present globally to every country without any restrictions for the third-party apps with minimal annual subscription charges like the lite version charging $29.99 and a premium version about $39.99 for all the paid apps in the iPA store.

  • Less space-consuming

The iPA stores cover a minimal space for its proper functioning, hence leaving much space for other apps. Henceforth, it doesn’t affect the pace of the device.

  • Supports Cydia apps

The apps from Cydia will also be available in this iPA store and can be charged after a free trial. These types of flexibility of using apps are not available in other stores.

How to install an iPA store on your device?

The process to download iPA store supports the latest iOS 9, on any Jailbrokenor non- JailbrokeniPhone, iPad, or iPod. For getting an iPA store iOS, you have two methods one is with jailbroken and the second is without jailbreak. By following some of the simple steps, you can easily download the iPA store iOS and enjoy your modified versions of apps for free!

Installing iPA store with jailbroken

  1. Firstly, jailbreak the device of iOS
  2. Secondly, add Cydia to your iPhone and wait till it refreshes all the pages
  3. Further for adding the relevant source to Cydia, you can use this URL which can be done by Tap sources, then edit and lastly add the source to Cydia
  4. After adding the relevant source, you can view the pages till you don’t find your iOS like it may be iOS 9, iOS 10, etc.
  5. Later select the app sync unified package and install it. After in Cydia, enter iPAstore in the search box of the Cydia.
  6. Further, after making the payment for the premium or elite version, you can get access to iPA store.
  7. Now, scroll down, there will be an option i.e. ‘click here to activate’ Tap on the option
  8. It will allow you to install the iPA store on your device
  9. Tap on the app. You are all set to use the store
  10. Download the desired app for free, either paid or premium
  11. By signing with your Gmail account, you can enjoy all the modified versions of apps for free

Secondly installing the device without jailbroken

  1. The iPA store is simply downloaded from the web service Install On Air, then upload your iPA file for iOS to Install On Air website. After that, it will generate a link
  2. After opening the link, you will be asked to install the app
  3. You simply tap on and confirm the installation


Here you go, now you can install your favourite games or apps free from this app installer and enjoy with or without jailbreaking your device.


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