7 Best Android App Development Tools for building a Fantastic Android App!

7 Best Android App Development Tools for building a Fantastic Android App!

Android Operating System is presently the most popular platform on the planet. As indicated by Gartner, this operating system presently holds 86.2% of the worldwide market. The mobile apps functioning on this OS have proved to be a productive, promising, and profitable workspace.

Android app development is becoming prominent among businesses because of its varied benefits.  This operating system has helped businesses to target the maximum crowd as major users are using this platform. You can quickly establish effective communication with your customers, push notifications, create brand awareness, etc.

There are a lot of incredible tools that can be used for versatile Android app development. Facebook Messenger, Netflix, Uber, etc., are some of the popular businesses that have developed their apps using the most popular tools.

Want to leverage the advantages like these leading brands? Hire Android app developers as they can assist you in reaching heights in no meantime.

Let’s explore the prominent Android app tools:-

  • Android Studio

If you just have plans to develop a native Android app then you must go for this tool. Android Native Development Kit aka NDK is a powerful Android tool. This tool enables Android developers to reuse the scripted code in C++ or C programming languages. You can even hire an Android app developer to integrate this into your app by employing Java Native Interface.

  • Android Asset Studio

This is yet another powerful tool used by numerous Android app development companies. Android Studio incorporates a tool which is termed as, “Asset Studio”. This is a web-based tool that is majorly used to develop Android apps and developing graphics. It aids the programmers to create graphic assets by just managing a few taps.

Android Asset Studio also incorporates tools like Shape Lifter, Action Bar Generator,  App Shortcut Icon Generator, etc.

  • SonarQube

SonarQube, an elegant tool, was earlier known as Sonar. SonarQube was crafted for perpetual inspection to check the quality of codes. It was specifically used to accomplish the automatic reviews using statistical analysis. Hence, it is very easy and quick to detect bugs, vulnerability, and code smells.

  • IntelliJ IDEA

It is a strong native tool that specifically aims at reinforcing the efficiency of the developer. This is definitely the first chosen IDE by numerous Android app developers. Using this tool, you can access features like refactoring tools, on-the-fly analysis of code, and completion of smart codes.

  •  Adobe XD, Figma

This tool was introduced by Adobe. This Adobe tool is most commonly used for interaction with designers and user experience. Adobe XD has got numerous features to craft the designs of the screen, wireframes, and prototyping for Android apps.

Contrary to this is Figma, the cloud-based UX and UI digital tools for designing. It appears very similar to Sketch but also has numerous differences. Hence, is considered the best choice for the collaboration of the team. Now, if you need to use Sketch then you require Zeppelin, Abstract, or InVision.


It is quite challenging to use one of these (mentioned above). Now, if you are also in a challenging situation then you can always plan to hire Android app developers from a leading Android app development company. These developers will have experience in working with these tools. And therefore like a pro can handle and help you in your project.

  •  AIDE

Using this tool you can quickly and easily build your Android apps. This IDE can assist you to do some exquisite tasks. It gives support to numerous programming languages. They are:-

  • C
  • C++
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript

This Android app development tool can help you to craft the app with native codes and also supports NDK. Now the features include portability, cross-compatibility, and redundancy. It also gives the best security against any virus attacks or any other threats.

  • Appium

Another alluring open-source tool used for Android app development. You can even call this a smart tool.  It is a cross-platform tool thus you can manage to develop apps for different platforms. You can quickly automate mobile apps such as hybrid apps, web apps, or native apps. It is developed in a way that it can quickly be used for the tools for testing, practicing the projects, frameworks, etc.

An all-powered tool that can manage and check the features and functionalities of the Android app. For aiding the development, you need not install any other applications. It supports languages like Python and Java.

In a nutshell

To build a top-notch Android app, it is crucial to choose an excellent tool for Android app development. If you have an app idea and are seeking for the best Android app development services, you can hire a leading Android app development company. They will be the best guide and partners for developing productive and profitable Android apps.

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