Best Techniques to Recover Corrupted PDF Files

Best Techniques to Recover Corrupted PDF Files

Many users have this common query that a corrupted PDF file can be recovered or not. So to resolve this query we will discuss here the best techniques to recover corrupted PDF files. Read the whole blog to know the detailed solution.

What is the PDF File Format?

PDF files, which stand for Portable Document Format, are one of the well-known types of documents used to manage and transfer business information and data. Apart from PDF files, there are various other document formats to store information, such as Word, Notepad, etc. But due to its protection and security system, many organizations prefer this PDF file format to maintain sensitive information.

Sometimes accidentally, these files get deleted or corrupted where you end up losing valuable PDF documents. These files get corrupted for various reasons but, the great thing is that you can efficiently recover corrupted PDF files again with some PDF file recovery solution.

Why PDF Files Get Corrupted?

PDF files are the most prominent element for the computer user. Although PDF files have various protective features still it is challenging to protect them from damage. So, let’s focus on the responsible reasons for PDF file corruption.

  • Sometimes you have a variable internet connection when downloading PDF files. This issue can occur in an error or a deficient download that leads to files corruption.
  • Having your PDF file on a damaged hard drive, pen drive, or another social network can damage your file as well.
  • Due to sudden power failure or an internal system failure, your system gets stopped working. At such a time, if you are importing PDF files or you are working on them, then they can be damaged.
  • The common possible cause of corrupted PDF files is a virus or malicious file on your system.

Best Methods to Recover Corrupted PDF Files

To fix the corrupted PDF file there are multiple ways which are explained here.

Method 1. Using PDF Reader Services

If you’re having trouble reading the PDF files, you should check first what the issue is in your PDF reader application. This problem may occur in your PDF reader or maybe in a PDF file. To check the problem area, you can open it with another PDF reading tool. Nowadays online platforms offer many PDF readers, so select the supported one and attempt to open your file in it.

Method 2. Fix Adobe Acrobat Reader Error

What if your Adobe Acrobat Reader is not working precisely and causing a corrupted PDF file? In this situation, you can simply recover your PDF files by fixing Adobe Acrobat Reader. To do this follow below given steps:

  1. Check if your Adobe Acrobat Reader is updated or not. Now, start the software and go to Help> Check for Updates. If there is a need for some update, fix it.
  2. To repair Adobe Acrobat Reader navigate to the Help > Repair Installation option. The software will check your main files and patch the damaged items automatically.

Method 3. Repairing the Previous File Version

If the above-given solution did not fix the problem, try another way to recover corrupted PDF files. You can repair the previous file version to restore your PDF files. Windows backs up several versions of the file when users need it again. If the latest version of the file gets corrupted then, restore it with the previous file version.

  1. In your windows system, press on your corrupted PDF file and right-click on it.
  2. Go to the Properties and click the Previous Versions option. Here you will find the version of the PDF file that you want.
  3. At last, click on the Restore option to restore the picked previous version of the file.

Methos 4. Use Best Professional Software to Recover Corrupted PDF Files

Don’t worry if the above method didn’t work. There is also a highly suggested solution to restore damaged PDF files for free. You can use the Sysinfo PDF recovery tool to repair your corrupt PDF files. It recovers all the PDF data like images, texts, tables, graphs, etc., from corrupt files and presents it in an available format.This software allows users to recover PDF files smoothly with a great success rate and an excellent recovery speed without losing a single bit of data during recovery. In case your PDF file is password-protected then you can also unlock password protected PDF files by following the simple steps.


It is terrible that your PDF files are accidentally corrupted or deleted for any reason. Luckily, there are solutions to recover corrupted PDF files with multiple alternatives. If the first three methods out of four did not work, go with the professional solution. You can try the demo version of PDF file recovery for appraising the execution.


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