7 Secrets to Successful Email Marketing Revealed!

7 Secrets to Successful Email Marketing Revealed!

There is nothing like a defined set of rules when it comes to getting your email marketing right. If you are striving hard to plan a result-driven email marketing strategy for your business, we got you covered. We are sharing with you some secret tips which most businesses have followed to achieve success.

Let us walk through it straightway.

1. Make the Subject Line engaging with Cliffhanger.

This old-school copywriting technique is quite an engaging tactic to entice your subscribers and readers. It can help you hook them with an incomplete sentence for your subject line to arouse curiosity within the mail. For an email marketing company looking for good engagement and click-through rates, it is a godsend technique.

Bonus tip: Avoid overusing the Cliffhanger, else you might irritate your readers and subscribers, thus losing engagements.

2. Trim the Subject Lines to Reach more Mobile Users

Want more email click-through and email open rates? How about trimming the subject lines? Well, this smart technique can help marketers boost engagement rates. Today, about 60% of email readers are mobile users. It is a smart choice to promote mobile-friendly subject lines. To utilize the subject line space wisely, make them attractive, concise, and readable.

You can entice your subscribers by:

  • Adding creativity
  • Using symbols, emoticons, and numbers
  • Using jargons to hook readers
  • Adding personalization

3. Preheaders for better Click-through and Open Rates

Do you know what holds the same priority as the subject lines? Preheader texts. It is where most email marketers miss. They need to learn how to optimize the subject lines and preheader content. They need an enticing preheader text to boost their engagement and open rates. So, use this space as effectively and wisely as you focus on crafting the captivating subject line.

Do not forget – subject lines matter. But avoid ignoring the preheader texts.

4. Go the ‘Shorter Way’

If you want to be the best email marketing company:

  • Stop avoid using long and descriptive emails.
  • Take the shorter approach.
  • Be creative in crafting email subject lines and the content copy.

It will help you land in the Primary tab of your subscribers. Studies and A/B tests prove that shorter emails are more likely to entice the audience than descriptive ones. If you want to experiment, you can conduct an A/B test for one of your campaigns to achieve the results.

5. Contextual CTA Buttons

An email marketing company focuses hard on crafting compelling email content and customer-alluring subject lines. While marketers get busy working on those tactics, they often miss out on adding CTAs in their emails. Contextual CTA buttons can encourage your email subscribers to visit your campaigns and website. Next time you are drafting your email, go beyond adding the generic CTA texts like “Click here to buy” or “Visit our website.”

Craft CTA texts that can hook your readers at one-go by asking yourself:

  • Are they descriptive enough to boost click-through rates?
  • Will they stand out from the generic ones?
  • Is it hard for users to miss out?

It will help you answer how you can make them more eye-catching.

6. Prioritize Engagement

Most marketers often foresee the importance of building trusted customer relationships while planning short term marketing goals. Both are incredibly important for boosting engagement rates and sales. You want your target customers to subscribe to your emails to promote your business, services, and products. So, prioritize how you can boost your engagement rates by building customer relationships with your potential customers and subscribers.

In the end, what matters is the engagement for a good ROI for your email marketing campaigns.

7. A/B Test Your Email Copy

The regular split email testing can help you better your email marketing campaigns. Rigorous testing can help you spot mistakes that you can avoid to hone your marketing strategy. While doing A/B testing, avoid what others say or trusting your guesswork. Else, it may cost you much. So, it is intensively essential to direct your decisions based on the test results than following your gut instinct.

These are the key elements where you should perform split testing one at a time:

  • From and To
  • Subject Lines
  • Email content
  • Copy
  • CTAs
  • Preview Test

Bonus Tip: Stay Updated with Email Marketing trends

Lastly, keep an eye on the trending email marketing campaigns and strategies. Email marketing strategy keeps on evolving continuously, so what exists today might be obsolete tomorrow. That is why most email marketers need to stay updated and alert about the new trends to stay ahead of their competitors. When an email marketing company falls victim to myths and misconceptions, it might lose out on the marketing channels and campaigns.


Your ultimate goal is to convert your email subscribers into potential customers, so stay updated with the email trends. Also, make sure you keep these email marketing success tips to maximize success.

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