Apex Legends Tips To Get You Ready For Battle

Apex Legends Tips To Get You Ready For Battle

Apex Legends has seen great success ever since its launch in April 2019. It surpassed 100 million players in April 2021. With huge competition, you must be ready for the battle so that the chances of you winning are high.

One easy way to get you ready for the battle in Apex legends would be to use aimclub hacks and cheats. It will significantly help you aim better, and the anti-detection features help you stay undetected.

With our experience of playing Apex Legends, we have discovered some tips and tricks that will help you get ready for battle. Let’s have a detailed look at them.

Choose Your Character Judiciously

The very first step in initiating the game is selecting a perfect legend. Even though all the legends have even strength, firepower, and speed, they differ in their abilities. Determine what your preference and play style is, and then choose a legend as per your style. Every legend has different abilities and helps their teammates in different ways. If you choose pathfinder, you will be able to help your teammate travel distances. Lifeline helps his teammates have health boosts.

Stick Closer To Your Squad

Apex Legends is renowned for being a team-based game. Also, it is available in two different modes. One has thirty groups of two-person teams, and the other is twenty groups with three persons. Since you will be joining a team for playing, your squad should stick together. 

All the legends have different abilities. Therefore playing together will give you an upper hand over your opponents. Your specific abilities will help other teammates, and together you will have a better chance at winning.

Communicate With Your Teammates

Communication is the key to winning battles in Apex Legends. Also, communication between teammates is really simple. All you need to do is hit the RB on Xbox, R1 on PS, and the center key on the mouse when playing the game on PC. This will ping your teammates and if you want another option, just keep the button pressed.

Use The Mechanics To Your Advantage

In Apex Legends, there is a feature that lets you slide across the floor. You can use this feature to reach somewhere faster. If you are traveling downhill, then using these mechanics with the jump technique will help you reach the ground faster.

Another important thing to note about the game is that falling from a height doesn’t do any damage to your character. Use it to your advantage by jumping off things when you feel like you’re in danger.

You will find hot air balloons scattered all over the map in the game. If you climb up on these balloons, these help you reach some other destination faster.

Use Anything And Everything To Your Advantage

Don’t be too selective about the loots, as you never know what will help you out in the arena. If a body armor, backpack, or weapon that you find is better than what you already own, then you will be notified about it automatically. This helps avoid you grabbing on to lower-quality gears.

Don’t hesitate to loot the fallen opponents. Every time a player dies in the game, they drop their cache, and sometimes they have some of the rarest and greatest pieces of gear. So make sure that you check their belongings.

Share the loot with your teammates. Also, if you find a piece of gear that you already have or don’t need, make sure that you notify your squad about it so that they can upgrade themselves too.

Bring Back Fallen Players

When things don’t work out in your favor or when you face a powerful opponent, you or someone else from your team may end up dead. But do not worry. You can bring back your character from the dead.

Every character has a legend banner that drops when they die. Any of your team members can take that banner to the respawn beacon, and that will bring the player back to life. But there is a catch. The revived player will not have any weapon or armor. But just having your teammate back might be the last thing that you need to get back in the game. Apex Legends has brought down even the most high-end rigs to their knees. With that said, you’ll need to go a step beyond to be able to play the game at a decent frame rate with competitive settings. This is where the MVP comes in, with access to their proprietary PC builder, you’ll be able to concoct a rig that’ll suit your needs in every way!

If you are just starting in the game or getting back to it after long, you can not expect to win it just yet. You will win some of the battles, and you will lose some. The only way you can get ready for the battle is if you practice. 

Playing the game will help you learn several new tips and tricks on your own. Also, by playing the game regularly, you will get better at aiming and saving yourself.


If you are new to playing Apex Legends or are returning to the game after a break, it is better to know the ins and outs of the game beforehand. Hacks and cheats help, but there are several other basic and important tips. Following these tips will help you get ready for the battle.


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