Best Free Location Tracker App Review (2021 Updated)

Best Free Location Tracker App Review (2021 Updated)

In today’s article, we are going to let you know about one of the best free location tracking applications of 2021, so if by any chance you need one, then you are on the right site. 

Here we will let you know everything about this fantastic app, so go through the information till the end of this article and find out what we have for you to offer. We hope you will find out what you were looking for by the end of this article. Have a look at the information and get started. 

Why are Location Tracking Apps Used?

Location tracking applications are used for various reasons. These are helpful for all of us whether we have used them or not. One of the leading causes is to get to know about your child’s live location who is late at home for dinner or if it’s midnight and they are not back. 

You can also use these apps to get to know about your loved ones’ well-being as there might probably be an accident happen or maybe they are stuck in traffic. You can not only see the live location of the person to whom you want to know about, and you can even see the past locations as well.

Some organizations need to know if their workers are fair in their work, as they took a day off from work, so by using such an app, you can get to know where exactly they are. All these reasons are legit and helpful in one way or another; even if we don’t use one, we still have to know about them using millions of users. 

Safespy, The Best Free Location Tracker

There are many similar applications in the market, but the perks we associate with Safespy can’t be found anywhere else. Numerous people use it and love this app because of its outstanding features. 


The ease of usage and best-quality performance are the two things that appeal to many people as you will not find any such deal anywhere else. Many other incredible features make it a great app and that you should know about. 

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With this feature’s help, users can get to know about all the things that are being typed on the target android device. This lets you see what spied phone users what the spied phone user sent, received, categorized, and uploaded through their phone. You can even see passwords that are being typed on the spied phone.


There is nothing in the world that isn’t revealed by this feature. You can even see the deleted information from the social media profiles spied phone users being used and open on the phone. The in-built system of the application keeps a record of all the keystrokes made on the device. 

Premium iPhone Parental Monitoring

Through Safespy, you can now get to know every activity of your child’s iPhone. You can get to know what they are watching on their devices, with whom they are talking, and who are in contact with them on social media profiles and other platforms. 

By doing that, you can protect your child from many dangers that don’t seem like a threat to them, but in reality, they are always there as the real world is full of all kinds of people. Here you can keep an eye on their activities and block the content that you think is inappropriate for them. 

Tracking Website History

Now you have the advantage to check out the browser history of the spied device whenever you need to. This will allow you to know what site the spied device’s owner has visited and that person’s interests. You can have a detailed report of all the web-pages that the user sees without any trouble.

Customer Support Service

In case of any trouble, you can always get back to the customer support team that is still there to guide you with everything. They work 24/7, so you can contact them at any hour of the day or night. They will guide you with all the queries you have regarding the app and assist you in the best way possible to resolve the issue you are facing. 

Safe and Secure

The application is safe to utilize, so if you have second thoughts about privacy, there is no need to worry. All the work will be done with 100% security; you don’t have to be concerned about privacy breaches. This application makes sure that your privacy remains intact in all kinds of situations.

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Social Media Monitoring

Users can check out all the activities of social media profiles of the spying device. Every action will be recorded, and you will be able to find out about it in full detail. You can see what the person has shared through Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many other platforms. 


Application Monitoring

You can see the accounts and all their activities, but you can see all the apps installed on the spied phone. For example, if the spied phone has seven applications in it, you will see each one of them and what it is all about. The examination would be in-depth, you will, and you will find out about each and everything through Safespy. 

Ease of Usage

The application is easy-to-use as it doesn’t require you to have any kind of technical knowledge to run the app. The app will be done as it doesn’t leave anything complicated at your end to deal with. Even a newbie can make the app work according to their need. 

Live Location Tracking

Without touching the device, you can get to know the device’s present location whenever you need to. With Safespy, you can see the real-time movements by staying miles and miles away from the exact location. You can easily access the device’s location remotely, as all the work will be done by the application professionally. 

Hidden Phone Monitoring

This feature lets you keep an eye on the spied device with the edge of being invisible. The work will be done by the app secretly, and there is no chance that the user of the spied phone would be able to find out that you are behind spying. 

Apart from all of this, you can keep track of call logs, see contact numbers saved in the device, check browser history, and read messages that are sent and received. In other words, there is nothing that Safespy cannot explore for your ease. 



We hope that the above information will be enough for you to know about one of the best applications ever introduced for the sake of your ease. Try this out and let us know whether you find it useful enough or not. 

We are looking forward to your feedback. In case of any trouble, you know what options you have. You can always get back to us or contact the customer support team. They will guide you till the end and will assist you in all the matters. 

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