Top 5 Apps to Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number

Top 5 Apps to Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number

There are numerous apps used to track someone’s location by phone number, but as the matter is confidential, we cannot just trust any other app without having some background knowledge about it. 

In case you need some options here in this regard, then you are on the right site. Here we will let you know which trackers can be utilized to find someone’s location by only having their number. Read this article till the end and find out the best option there for you.

Why we Need to Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number

There are various reasons for tracking someone’s location by only having their phone number. Maybe you have tried one in your life before reading this article, but if you didn’t, this article will help you and make you realize why you need such apps. 

These trackers are used to find out where your loved ones are in case they are late from some party or dinner. You can make sure that your kids are interacting with safe people on social media websites. Sometimes these apps are used because people are concerned about the well-being of their family and friends. 

All the above reasons are some of the primary ones, and we cannot deny their significance. We all need or at least should know about these trackers as they can guide us in learning about modern trends. 

Following are the top five apps that are used to track someone’s location by having their phone number; just have a look and choose your favorite:

1) Intelius

With the help of this service, you can find out about someone’s information without much trouble. From the homepage of Intelius, you can learn about the features in detail or go for the below information to find much more. 

Many people use this application and like it because of its unique features and outstanding performance. There are many other options, but the features and advantages that come along with Intelius cannot be found anywhere else. 

Below enlisted points are the primary features of this application that you should know about, so just check them out:

Criminal Record

With the help of this application, you can easily find out about the criminal record of someone. This is good for hiring someone new in your company or looking for a new tenant. By having a check on someone’s criminal history, you can get to know about their past and if or not they have any criminal charges against them. 

People Search

Now you don’t need to hire a private investigator to find the person for you to whom you are looking for, as Intelius helps you in looking for the right person within a couple of minutes and all the data related to that person. 

Just save your time and money as this application does the same for you. Using this service, you will notice that you will be able to find out the detailed information of the person you need to know about within a couple of minutes. 

You can see their contact numbers, past, email addresses, current and previous addresses, social media profiles, employment history, data on their family and relatives. Hence there is nothing that you can’t find out by using this app. 

Public Records

The information gathered around this app is collected from public sources, so if you are worried about its authenticity, there is no need to be concerned. All the information here is authentic as it is gained from government public sources. 

Customer Support Team

In case of any trouble, you can get back to the customer support team to guide you with all the issues you are having related to the app. They are pro and will assist you until the end and instruct you will all the issues you have with the application and its features. 

Safe to Use

The application is safe to utilize. It doesn’t save any information against you the time you are drawing data on someone. You can leave your worries behind in this manner as it will give you 100% security and confidentiality regarding your searches. 

2) Spyic

This inbuilt iPhone application allows you to track an iPhone location. It is mostly used to find a lost or stolen iPhone.To use this application, you just need to open the Spyic app on any iOS device. From there, you can log in utilizing the iCloud details of the spied phone. 


After you log in, the application will show you the device’s location. Many people find it appealing to remove previous searches and lock the device whenever you need to. 

3) Minspy

This is another fantastic tracker that parents love mostly as they are suspicious about their kids and their mobile phone activities. In case you are also worried about your child or need to use this app to find out about your loved ones’ location, this would be an excellent option to go for. 


This app has many other dynamic features, and one of them allows you to restrict the websites that you think are not good for your kids as they are under-age; by doing that, you can have a check on the content they are watching and can gain access. 

4) Spyier 

This is the fourth application that lets you use the tracker to find out about the lost phones. You can also check the location of the person with the help of their contact number. 


Spyier is a fantastic application and has numerous outstanding features that you can’t find in any other application; though there are many in the market, nothing can beat the perks that belong with this one. 

5) Spyine

This is the last GPS tracking app for Android devices that has the power to track your location without causing any privacy threats for you. People looking for a safe solution should go for this app because it has everything that one could ask for. 


This app is especially ideal for groups of friends or office contacts who just need it. To temporarily share one another’s location, you can use it for other purposes according to your convenience. You can quickly know the exact location of friends and colleagues, or inform people in your contact about their background and know much more.


Try out any of the above tracking applications, as we can hope that you will not find anything better than the list we have given you here. We can assure you that all of these are some of the best options that you can go for as you will not find anything better than these. 

These apps have everything you need to go for, including high-quality performance, ease of usage, and best results. Choose your favorite application today and let us know about your experience with your favorite tracking app.


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