Top 10 Free Invoice Tools for Freelancers

Top 10 Free Invoice Tools for Freelancers

Invoicing is a freelancer has so many benefits. One Of them being, as a freelancer, you are not on the official payroll of an organization, and therefore, without proper invoicing, your payment may be delayed. Also, if you want to start budgeting and saving as a freelancer, knowing how much you earn each month will help you do so. With the uncertainties that come with the payment of freelancer, invoicing is an effective way to keep your financial situation stable. Thankfully, invoicing doesn’t have to be the long expensive process it was before. There are many free invoicing tools available to freelancers. WeInvoice is among the best freelance invoicing tools available in the market. You can get more info here. 

1. WeInvoice

WeInvoice has simple yet professional invoice designs that allow you to get ahead of your competitors. As a freelancer, there are times when you work for international clients. weInvoice has taken care of that through the multi-language and the foreign currency features. These two features help you build a caring reputation with your overseas clients, thus maintaining a good business relationship.weInvoice also helps you schedule invoices if you send invoices on a regular basis. 

This simplifies the invoicing process and since you can set the invoice to be generated on a certain date, it ensures that you do not forget to generate and send the invoices. This automated process also makes the invoicing process to be less monotonous. WeInvoice has a lot of invoice templates that you can customize to fit your design. You can also add things such as your logo so as to supplement your freelance business’ branding. 

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2. Wave accounting 

Wave Accounting offers free invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning products. Wave accounting allows you unlimited invoicing, they have automated reminders, which are really useful, in case you get caught up in working and forget to send out invoices on time. They also have beautiful invoice templates, multi-currency features, and recurring invoices.

3. Zoho

Zoho provides various plans to choose from depending on the size of your business. The free option is excellent for freelancers. It allows you to create and send up to 25 invoices per month. Other useful features from Zoho include timesheets, time tracking, and expense tracking. This invoicing tool offers a lot of customizable templates and in case you are invoicing international clients, the multiple currency tool will come in handy. 

4. Nutcache

As a freelance business, you can use the Nutcache free plan and upgrade to the paid plans as your business grows and your invoicing needs change. The free plan allows you to send up to twenty invoices monthly. It has eight different languages, you get 1.8GB storage and unlimited clients and projects.


This invoicing tool for freelancers allows unlimited invoices for one user. You can bill in any currency. It allows a business to accept payment using PayPal.

5. InvoiceBerry

This free invoicing tool is very useful to both freelancers and small business owners. It allows you to invoice three clients and use two invoicing templates. The plan includes unlimited invoicing, sending quotations, and expense tracking. InvoiceBerry allows you to use branding tools such as logos. The multi-languages and multi-currency features are important if you have international clients. 

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6. BillFaster

With BillFaster, you can invoice for your small freelance business. You can print the invoices or email them. The billing tool also allows you to enhance your branding by having things like logo addons. You access invoice templates on this software, recurring invoices, and good customer support. 

7. The Invoice Machine

This is another great option for invoicing as a freelancer. The free plan allows you to send three invoices and three estimates a month. Other amazing features on this software include PDF and email invoices, multiple languages and currencies, and recurring invoices. Also, the thankyou emails may give you an edge in maintaining a good relationship with your clients. 

8. Ronin

The free plan of this invoicing tool allows you to invoice two clients and one contact for each client. Expense and time tracking is also available in the free plan. You can customize the invoices by adding your logo if you wish to. 

9. Sunrise

With the free plan, you can produce an unlimited number of invoices and bank transactions.

Finally, with this list of the top ten free invoice tools for freelancers, you do not have to struggle with your invoicing. Get more info on free invoicing. 

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