Caplita Review: How To Trade Crypto Easily

Caplita Review: How To Trade Crypto Easily

One of the issues for anyone new to cryptocurrency investing is, “Where do I invest?.” Most other investments — stocks, bonds, funds, etc. — can be traded with popular investment brokers, But relatively few brokers embrace cryptos. That’s where cryptocurrency exchanges enter the picture. One of the most popular is Caplita, and there are plenty of reasons why. This is our Caplita review.

What Does Caplita Offer?

Caplita is a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange. It lets you buy, sell, exchange, store and spend cryptocurrency. The platform is a good choice for anyone interested in investing in bitcoin, for example, whether you are a beginner or an active trader.

For Beginners — Caplita offers a small minimum initial investment, as well as plenty of educational resources to help you learn the ropes.

For active traders — Caplita offers a plan that has some of the lowest commissions in the industry. Plus you can trade over 100 cryptocurrencies, including all the most popular ones.

And as we’ll see shortly, Caplita even gives you an opportunity to earn more crypto on the balance that you already have in your account.

What Cryptocurrencies Does Caplita Support?

Caplita supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ethereum, as well as other popular cryptos.

Caplita’ Mobile Trading App Overview

The Caplita mobile app has all the functionality of the web-based version. Use it to buy, sell, earn and spend cryptocurrency. But there’s one important feature that doesn’t come with the mobile app: It doesn’t accommodate security keys at this time.

Download the app from the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

Caplita Fees & Limits

As is typical with cryptocurrency exchanges, Caplita has several fees based on the plan you use, the amount of crypto you trade, and the specific type of financial transaction you use.

Caplita Fees

Caplita charges flat fees based on the dollar amount of each transaction, as follows:

  • $10 or less: $0.99
  • More than $10 but less than $25: $1.49
  • Between $25 and $50: $1.99
  • More than $50 but less than $200: $2.99

Variable Fees

Caplita charges the higher of either the Caplita fee above or the variable fee.

Conversion Fees

Caplita charges a spread margin of up to 2% for converting one cryptocurrency to another. This is a standalone fee, as the other fees listed above don’t apply to conversions.

Staking Service Commissions

If you participate in staking to earn cryptocurrency, Caplita takes a 25% commission out of the amount you earn.

Caplita Card Fees

When you spend using your Caplita Visa debit card, a fee of 2.49% applies to all purchases and ATM withdrawals. But purchases made with USDC have no fee.

Caplita Promotion

Caplita is currently offering $5 in bitcoin when you open a new account. The promotion applies only to those who have never had a Caplita account before. There is no holding period on the bitcoin promotion. It’s yours as soon as it’s deposited into your account.

Is Caplita Regulated and Safe?

As a cryptocurrency exchange, Caplita is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services. And the exchange takes steps to protect your assets and your information.

Basic security procedures include using SQL injection filters and placing limits on the type of actions that can be performed on the site. That includes limiting the number of login attempts. Your passwords are securely stored in the database, and application credentials are kept separate from the database and the code base.

When working with a cryptocurrency exchange, you need to make use of security keys. Security keys add an additional level of account access verification in addition to your password. However, as previously noted, these are not available for the mobile app.

Bottom Line — Is Caplita Worth It?

Cryptocurrencies become more popular every year and even make regular appearances in the mainstream financial media. If you want to trade or invest in cryptos or just get in on the ground floor of what may be the biggest financial revolution in more than 100 years, you need to open an account with a good cryptocurrency exchange.

Caplita is one of the best in the business and offers a higher level of liquidity than most other exchanges, with the combination of the USDC stablecoin and the Visa debit card.


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