How To Use Facebook Ads Manager for Small Businesses

How To Use Facebook Ads Manager for Small Businesses

Small businesses can leverage  Facebook Ads Manager   to  grow their business in many ways. Aside  from targeting the right audience,the facebook ad feature comes with an array of features that you   can use to unlock more opportunities for your brand.

Typically,the facebook ads manager lets users not  only track the performance of their ads but also manage where and when they’d like to run advertising campaigns. Wherever you are,you can easily create,edit and run your facebook ad campaigns from a central location.

With the number of brands using  facebook growing each day, you need  to understand how to use  the facebook ads manager to market your products and services. That way, you not only cut on the advertising budget but also expand the scope of your audience.

Whether you are an established brand or a start up, the facebook ads  manager can help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Aside from helping you get discovered on the internet space,facebook ads not only help you achieve your business objectives but also reach  the right audience.

The ads management tool lets you create ads, edit and analyse facebook promotional campaigns. To  improve the efficiency of the facebook ads manager, facebook added the power editor feature to  help users create and monitor advertising campaigns across various social media platforms owned  by facebook.

In this blog post, we explore ways you can use the facebook ads manager tool to improve your   business.


One of the most effective ways you can leverage the facebook ads feature is through targeting the  right audience. Depending on the location and niche, you can easily reach out to the right audience  thanks to the facebook ads targeting features.

Besides improving the efficiency of your advertising campaign, targeting the right audience helps  you increase chances of generating more sales for your business. Through targeting based on interests and custom audiences, the facebook ads feature can help you cut through the noise, reach  out to your prospects and grow your business.

Collect Important Insights

The facebook ads feature lets you collect important customer data that you can use to inform your  advertising campaign. As a result,you can run  your ad campaigns from an informed point of view  and unlock more opportunities for your business.

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For example, you can collect client persona data in order to understand where customers are located, social status, preferences, age  among other factors. As a consequence,you can align your  advertising campaigns with information you collect in order to inspire your marketing campaigns.

The facebook ads feature lets you study trends over time. Once you realise certain trends,you can  identify areas that need adjustment including advertising  budget,audience and image with an aim  of scaling up the performance of your campaign.

Widen The Scope of Your Audience

However, you can use Facebook’s advertising feature to widen the scope of your audience. Depending on your budget, the facebook ad feature lets you advertise to a scope of audience based  on your advertising budget.

Therefore if you are stuck on how to widen the scope of your audience, it’s high time you consider  integrating the facebook ads manager into your advertising strategy. Generally, you can reach more  people than you could with organic posts.

Remarket Your Products

The facebook  ads manager lets users remarket products to people who could have interacted with  their products. Once you identify people that may have interacted with your brand, you can easily  show your products and services to them and improve chances of getting conversions.

 Boost Brand  Awareness

The Facebook ads manager is not only an idea in targeting the right audience but also widening  the scope of the audience. The more people you can access through your advertising campaigns the more people become familiar with your brand.

Remember once more people interact with your products and services, they are likely to share the  information within their network thereby positively impacting your facebook advertising strategy.

 Build Trust With The Audience

You can use the facebook ads manager to build trust with your target audience. Once you understand your customer preferences, you can run targeted advertising campaigns that are in line  with customer needs. That way, you not only improve click through rate but  also unplug  more opportunities for your business.

Create Ads

Aside from letting you target the right market segment, the facebook ads manager enables users to create ads for their brand. This means you do not have to struggle to roll out your advertising  campaign since the feature comes with inbuilt ad features that makes it easy for you to create ads.

Additionally, you can not only write and review how your ads look on different devices but also manage creative work. However, you can not only select campaign parameters but also run an advertising campaign that best suits your advertising objective.

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A/B  Testing

If  you  are yet  to start  with  facebook  advertising,you  can  leverage  the  facebook ads  manager  tool to  test  and understand  which ads  can  perform better.This  way,you  will  be  able to  optimise  your  advertising  campaigns  and  determine  the  best  target  audience,type  of  content  and  products  that  suit  your  market  segment.

Cross  Advertise  Your  Products

You  can  easily  run ads  across  various apps  thanks  to  the  facebook  ads  manager  feature.This means  you  can  easily  widen  the  scope  of  your  ad  campaigns  across  Facebook’s  family  of  apps to  improve  the  efficiency  of  your  advertising   campaign  and  get  better  results.

You  can  easily   cross   promote  your   products  on  Instagram, messenger   and  facebook  thanks  to  facebook’s  ads  manager. This  not only  makes  it  easy  to  expand  the  scope  of  your  audience but   also  improves  the  visibility  of  your  brand  in  the  internet  space.

Tracking  ads

The  Facebook  ads  manager   comes  with  helpful  insights  that  you  can use  to  track  the performance  of  your  advertising  campaigns. This  not  only  helps  you  manage  your  advertising campaigns  across  various  channels  but  also  manage the budget  and  schedules  of  the campaigns.

Tracking  your  ads  is critical since  you  can be  able to  understand how  your  campaigns are performing.This  will  inform  you  on  how  to  package  your  advertising  campaign in a way that resonates  with  the  target.

Find  and Connect  With  The Audience

While  trying  to  understand  all  facebooks  ads  manager  features  can be  overwhelming,learning to  set up  your  ads  correctly  can  be  rewarding.Aside  from  improving  brand  awareness  and driving  sales  for  your  business,the  facebook  ads  manager  can help  you find  and  connect  with your  ideal  customers.

Define  Your  Audience

The  facebook  ads  manager  can  help  you  define   your  target  audience.Through  facebook’s analytics  feature, you  can  easily  tell  what  type  of   audience  you  are  targeting   and  align  your advertising   campaign  with  the  needs  of  your  target  market.That   way,you  not  only  improve the  effectiveness  of   your  advertising  campaign  but  also  run  ads from  an  informed   point of  view.


There  are  many  ways  you  can  use  the  Facebook   ads  Feature  to  improve  your  business.Besides  setting  up  and  tracking  your  advertising  campaigns  across various  channels,the  facebook  ads  management  tool  lets  you  optimise  your  advertising  campaign to suit the  needs  of  your  target  market.

We therefore  encourage  you  to try out  the tips  highlighted in this article to improve  your advertising  campaign  and  unlock  more  opportunities  for  your  business.

If  you  are  planning  to run  ads  on  facebook  or  Instagram, it’s  high time  you  consider   using  the  facebook  ads  manager  tool  to keep  an eye  on  your  advertising  campaigns.

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