How to hire dedicated Angular Developers? A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

How to hire dedicated Angular Developers? A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

At the time of writing this blog, 368,412 websites with 183,641 unique domains were built on the Angular framework. Moreover, Angular stood at 4th position among the most used web frameworks worldwide in 2021.

The popularity of Angular, an open-source Typescript framework developed by Google engineers, keeps increasing year by year due to tons of benefits that come while using this technology. Enterprise web development, platform migration, UI/UX development, and custom development are some of the best use cases wherein this tool has no equal.

Have a look at the Angular usage statistics in the below graph, which will prove its popularity among organizations of all sizes.

If you also want to design and develop a dynamic website using this framework, you have to hire dedicated Angular developers to work on this robust framework.

If you hire a skilled Angular developer, he can improve the work efficiency of browser-based applications and offer high-end results. As a result, you will get custom innovation solutions for your enterprise. Hence it is vital to list the roles and responsibilities while going to hire Angular developers.

Top most responsibilities of dedicated Angular developers are

  • Front-end building
  • RESTful API building
  • Collaboration with team
  • Working with external data source and APIs
  • Bug Fixing
  • Unit Testing

There are many parameters you need to consider to find the best Angular developers with the experience and talent that will perfectly fit the needs of your project.

This blog will definitely help you in this quest; here, we have covered Angular developers’ essential skills checklist process to hire dedicated Angular developers, with some bonus tips and a cost overview, so keep reading till the end.

Without further delay, let’s dive deeper into all these details.

Essential skills checklist while going to Hire Dedicated Angular Developers

The first step while hiring Angular developers is to ensure that the selected person knows the best practices in the field and has the right amount of experience for your projects. If you want to hire dedicated Angular developers, the following are some of the skills you need to consider.

●  Hands-on with JavaScript Tools

Depending on the project’s requirement the Angular web and mobile apps need to be updated constantly. Also, as per the customer’s requirements, the Angular developers have to create packages, keep track of dependencies, optimize images, and invalidate caches.

Using JavaScript-based build tools makes it easier and more efficient to automate repetitive tasks. Some of the top JavaScript tools are- Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, etc. Hence developers must be aware of these tools.

●   Expert in CLI

CLI stands for Command Line Interface. It is the first Angular package a developer should install with Node Package Manager (NPM). However, NPM is the main tool for installing the essential web development packages, but installing all packages individually and then writing code by hand is time-consuming.

By using CLI, a developer can fasten the application development process and ensure that your app follows best practices. Moreover, using these CLI can enhance the existing app by providing additional components, modules, services, etc.

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●  Well Aware of TypeScript

However, JavaScript is the most widely used programming language, but it is not used on all websites. Angular, like other open-source projects and frameworks, embrace typeScript. This new object-oriented programming language provides a more manageable framework for massive web projects. Hence, while hiring a dedicated Angular developer, make sure that he is well-versed with TypeScript.

●  Deep Understanding of Building Restful API

A REStful API, also known as REST API, is an application programming interface that interacts with RESTful web services. As RESTful APIs involve HTTP requests, it is crucial to hire a developer who has a deep understanding of building these APIs.

An Angular developer must read the documentation and apply it effectively and be aware of how to configure routing paths.

●  Expert in Testing and Debugging

Testing and Debugging are vital skills for any developer. Do check that the developer must be able to detect and correct the issue. There are various testing methodologies available these days, and an Angular developer must be aware of all of them. Also, check he is mindful of popular testing frameworks or tools such as Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, etc.

●  Aware of Version Control

A Version Control System (VCS) is a software tool that helps developers keep track of any modification done to the code. One of the crucial benefits of using this software tool is it eases down the development processes, and using it managing code is relatively easier. Moreover, it makes sure that everyone is on the same page.

As Angular framework has compatibility with all the prominent Version Control System, make sure while going to hire dedicated Angular developers that they are aware of this software. Some of the most used VCS are AWS Beanstalk, HelixCore, AWS CodeCommit

  • Responsive & User-Friendly Web/Application

A developer should be able to develop highly responsive and user-friendly web applications which users can browse through various devices (laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.). Thus, it is required that the developer you are going to select must have an understanding of responsive web development.

Top Options to Hire Dedicated Angular Developers

There are various good options and platforms available to hire dedicated Angular developers. But first of all, you need to understand what type of developer your project needs. For example, if your project is small or has a limited budget, you can hire a freelancer. If your project is long and needs continuous support, hiring an in-house developer is a good choice. Moreover, you can also outsource your project and hire a team of dedicated Angular developers.

Let’s explore all these options in more detail:

●   Hire Freelance Developers

This is one of the cost-effective options, but it is good if your project is small as freelancers are individuals who alone will handle every phase of the application development. There are numerous freelancing platforms and websites where you can easily find a talented developer. You can then interview the selected candidate and check his knowledge level.

Top Freelancing Platforms/Websites are:

  • com
  • GitHub Jobs
  • Stack Overflow
  • People Per Hour
  • X-Team
  • Simply Hired
  • Guru
  • LinkedIn

●  Hire In-House Developers

Hiring permanent in-house Angular developers is also a good option. The best part of hiring an in-house employee is you can entirely monitor and control the project and employees. If your product is too specific, in-house hiring is the best option as you can keep track of every aspect of product development. The only drawback in this option is you need to invest time and money to train these employees.

Top 5 sites to hire in-house Angular developers

  • Toptal
  • Space
  • We Love Angular
  • io
  • Angular Jobs
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●   Outsource Development to an Independent

In this option, you can outsource application development to another country and hire dedicated Angular developers or an entire development team. This type of third-party outsourcing is the fastest way to get Angular development done.

It is a cost-effective option, and if you hire someone from countries like India, you can even cut down the cost of development to half. The best part is you can get a chance to hire an experienced and proficient professional from any place in the world.

One of the top platforms to find top outsourcing development companies is Clutch and Good firms. Here you can see the review and rating of companies and make a wise decision based on that.

Process to Hire Dedicated Angular Developers

To make sure your process to hire dedicated Angular developers goes smoothly, here is a step-by-step guide to find the right talent for your enterprise’s digital solutions.

Step-1: Outline Expectation and Key Goals

Before starting your search for an Angular developer, have clear objectives and a performance evaluator in your mind. Ask yourself what exactly you want and when you want it. Do you want to develop a web application or mobile application? Get clarity on the motive you want to achieve.

Make a list of the following points before you begin the hiring process.

  • Budget for Angular developer
  • Number of developers you want to hire
  • Deadline for application development
  • Project’s Scale
  • Time frame till which you want to complete the hiring process
  • How many Experienced Angular developers do you want to hire?
  • Budget for Angular Developer Hiring

Step:2 Document Your Job Description

The goals you created in step 1 on the basis of those points creates a clear job description. Make sure that tasks and roles are rightly written so that it will be easier for a candidate to understand your requirements.

The following points should be included in the job description:

  • Position Title
  • Concise description of the job or a summary of responsibilities
  • Required Qualifications and Skills
  • Provided Benefits and Skills
  • Company Background Information

Step:3 Shortlist the Potential candidate

Make a separate list of potential candidates based on their level of experience. The next step is to judge their knowledge level through interviewing or past work review.

Step: 4 Profile Verification & Past Work Review

This is the crucial step as this can affect your final decision. Getting a chance to look into candidates’ past work will give you a fair idea of their caliber. Ask for the previous website or application they have created and must do a background check of their qualifications. This way leaves no chance to hire dedicated Angular developers who can develop robust applications for your organization.

Just hiring a dedicated Angular developer will not mean your efforts end here. You have to ensure the selected developer is capable of holding your expectation or not. This can be done by timely reviewing your application progress and providing your feedback.

Have a Sneak-Peek at cost to Hire dedicated Angular Developers

Angular developers’ rates depend on the type of hire you choose- freelance, outsourcing, local talent, or out staffing. On average, the annual salary of a dedicated Angular developer ranges from $70, 564 to $ 102, 088 per year.

On the other hand, the hourly rate ranges between $ 10 to $ 150 per hour. With the increase in the complexity of your application, development time increases, and so does the development cost.

If you are looking for FTE programmers you have to consider paying for job advertisements, PPC, LinkedIn recruiter licenses, and other costs. The average cost to hire dedicated Angular developers and onboarding a full-time Angular programmer is around $ 25,000.

Find the hourly rate of freelance Angular developers and outsourced developers in the following tables.

Freelance Angular Developers Hourly Rate

Region Hourly Rate
India $15- $45
North America $70- $120
Latin America $50- $75
Western Europe $75- $85
Eastern Europe $15- $50
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Outsourced Angular Developers Hourly Rate

Region Hourly Rate
India $18- $45
North America $100- $180
Latin America $35- $50
Western Europe $75- $100
Eastern Europe $25- $50

Check out the average monthly salary of a full-time dedicated Angular developer in the below table.

Full-time Dedicated Angular Developer Salary

Region Angular Angular 2 Angular 4
India $3000/month $3500/month $4000/month
United States $8000/month $8600/month $8800/month
United Kingdom $6000/month $7000/month $7500/month
Eastern Europe $3500/month $4000/month $4500/month
Australia $6500/month $7000/month $7500/month


Although these are not fixed costs, we are sure it gave a fair idea to decide your budget to hire dedicated Angular developers. Several factors can affect the cost of application development. Some of the most common ones are – location of the developer, complexity of the project, features and functionality required, time of development, etc.

Bonus tips when interviewing Dedicated Angular developers

When you find the right professional for your project, the next step is to check their knowledge level by properly interviewing them. Here are some questions suggestions that you can ask to evaluate the hard skills of the selected Angular developers.

General Questions

  • How long have you been working on projects using the Angular framework?
  • Can you tell the best practices associated with AngularJS?
  • Tell the advantages and disadvantages of working with this framework?
  • What is the biggest challenge you faced in your past projects using Angular, and how did you overcome that?
  • Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses while using Angular technology?
  • Have you done any projects similar to ours?
  • How much time will you need to complete this project?
  • Will you provide support even after project completion?

Technical Questions

  • What are the key components of Angular?
  • Explain Angular architecture
  • What are Dependency Injections?
  • What is CLI?
  • Explain app.module.ts file and tsconfig. json file
  • Is Angular best for Full Stack development?

There are tons of questions that you can ask to judge the person’s cognizance, but it is better to note down all questions related to your project only along with some general questions? Try to get more and more details by reviewing and discussing past work while going to hire dedicated Angular developers

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What’s the role of a dedicated Angular Developer?

The dedicated Angular developer works on the client-side of the software. These developers work on components and module creation and then connect them together to create functional software. The dedicated Angular developers create an entire UI service for web and mobile applications.

2. What are the responsibilities of dedicated Angular developers?

The key responsibilities of dedicated Angular developers are

  • Working with JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Front-end building
  • Unit testing
  • Debugging
  • External data sources and APIs
  • RESTful APIs building
  • Working with CSS precompilers such as LESS and Sass.

3.  Can Angular be used for full-stack development?

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework used for working with data directly in the front end. To build a full-stack application, you could use various other tech stacks as a backend, for example- Express, Node.js, MongoDB, etc.


Angular is a popular framework and has the power to skyrocket your applications, that’s why Angular developers are in high demand these days. Moreover, developers who work with Angular are talented and experienced as it’s quite old technology.

It’s always a good decision to hire dedicated Angular developers for your dream project, as these developers can help you develop highly customized and feature-rich applications which can take your business to the next level.

In this write-up, we have elaborated on how and where to hire dedicated Angular developers. We hope it will help you find proficient Angular developers for your next project.


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