Different Types of Fashion Degrees

A degree in fashion gives you an opportunity to explore the various fields of the industry. From photography to PR, casual to the catwalk, design to merchandising, you get an exciting array of career options to choose from if you pursue it. A fashion degree is a key to learning and getting involved in designing, production, and advertising. It equips you with all the skill-sets required in fashion design or textile designing, makeup artistry, magazine journalism, visual merchandising and more. Furthermore, a degree in fashion is not just associated with the clothing industry. So, if you are considering undertaking this excellent career option because you always wanted to work in the fashion industry, or you just got inspired by your friend who took that excellent fashion design course, continue reading this article and find out the different types of degree options available for you.

Fashion Design Degree

It covers all the fundamentals of fashion designing and would help you learn how to research, develop, design, and make clothing. During the course, you will build your skills in fashion illustration, fabric technology, drawing, computer-aided design (CAD), pattern cutting, textiles, sewing, testing and more. It even offers you to choose your specialisation in particular areas like womenswear, menswear, sportswear, accessories, etc.

Fashion Buying and Merchandising Degree

In this degree course, you will learn the basics of consumer behaviours. You will learn how fashion ranges are created from start to finish- research, planning, sourcing, and developing. Further, you will study visual merchandising, including window displays, store layouts, lookbooks, etc. Moreover, it covers the study of sustainability, purchasing and supply chain management, and sales analysis.

Fashion Styling Degree

Once you have completed your fashion degree in styling, you will better understand how to communicate a specific message to the audience through makeup, hairstyle and clothing. It offers you a fantastic career opportunity in areas like media, commerce and fashion.

Fashion Journalism Degree

With this kind of degree in fashion, you will be exposed to media on all platforms, including broadcast, online, print, social media, etc. During your course, you will be able to gain proficiency in writing styles, media law, research, fashion vocab, live reporting, photography, styling, video journalism and even shorthand.

Fashion Photography Degree

A fashion photography degree will help you learn about the range of images from street style to haute couture across various mediums like advertising campaigns, glossy magazines, designer lookbooks, shop windows, etc. Besides this, you will get to experience both indoor and outdoor shooting and learn digital image production.

Fashion Marketing Degree

If you want to learn about marketing principles and understand the fashion industry, a fashion marketing degree is the course for you. You will study trend forecasting, consumer behaviour, marketing planning, digital marketing, brand development, and more.

Fashion Communication and Fashion Promotion Degree

This fashion degree mainly focuses on visual communication techniques and marketing skills. After this degree, you will get work opportunities in advertising and promotional, public relations, fashion media, trend forecasting etc.

Fashion Management Degree

This is a comprehensive degree in fashion that gives you exposure to various sectors of the fashion world. From the garment industry to brand management and everything in between, you will touch every area of the fashion industry while pursuing this degree.

Hopefully, now you will make a better career choice for yourself and have a bright future ahead in the fashion industry. But before you get blinded by the bright lights of the industry, take a deep breath and start evaluating yourself. Find out your innate creative talent and passion for the fashion industry so that you can make up your mind about which specific degree is best suited for you. Once you are done with this, you are good to go.

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