Digital Marketing: The Definitive Guide to More Leads and Sales

Digital Marketing: The Definitive Guide to More Leads and Sales

There is no shame in admitting that you’re losing your peace of mind because you’re worried about your business. It’s not getting enough leads and hence even fewer clients. You must have tried all the orthodox methods including hiring that irritating guy to go around the city sticking pamphlets at the worst possible locations.

The battle to increase profits from your business will always be there but you can reach these goals in much easier ways.

Drop the boring age-old tactics and shift to the new digital world where marketing meets technology. Digital marketing is the new holy grail for businessmen. It has helped countless businesses to rise from the dust and become thriving units. And obviously, if businesses that used the power of digital marketing achieved success, then companies like Simplyintense that provided digital marketing services also touched new heights. So this new form of marketing literally benefited both sides, the provider and the user.

But then all this information brings us to the obvious question –

What is Digital Marketing?

Well, the concept of digital marketing is not that hard to grasp. It is quite a straightforward concept even though its application is anything but simple.

So start by asking yourself a question- What is the best place to put up a poster that has your business details on it? Well, the answer for most of you would be – A place that gets the maximum visitors.

Well, that’s the correct answer.

So now we come to the second question, where will you find the maximum number of people on today’s date? The answer to that is very straightforward – the internet.

Using these two observations it is quite obvious that the best way to market something in today’s date, where everyone is sitting on digital channels, is to simply digitize your marketing too. And this is exactly what digital marketing is.

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But we can’t start celebrating just yet. We still have a lot to understand because you may not actually know how this whole charade of digital marketing actually works. So let’s answer this question too-


How does Digital Marketing Work?

The internet is not just one big bulk of data but is organized into millions of sites. It consists of various networks and digital channels that can be used for our purpose, that is marketing our business.

It’s definitely not that hard to understand that the social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have the maximum number of visitors and thus should be a prime location for us to target. But there’s obviously a catch. The experts at explain that these advanced social media sites work on an algorithm that needs to be cracked if one wants to use it for successful digital marketing.

Besides understanding the platform we also need to get an excellent graphic designer who knows how to make attractive ads, a videographer who can capture stunning videos and also a content writer who can create engaging content for our viewers.

Apart from this, a whole team should be set up to tackle the numerous fronts and challenges that digital marketing has.

Still a bit hazy in the head?

Well, let’s take up an example.

A hypothetical situation

Suppose you have just opened up a brand that makes t-shirts. You want to increase sales and get more leads for your product so you approach a digital marketing company like Simplyintense to help you out. The company will now start tackling marketing factors from all fronts. A team working as a single unit will-

  • Figure out the best platforms to start advertising your business.
  • Will understand the trends and the best path to promote a post.
  • Get the graphic designer to make the most effective creative.
  • Have the content writer put the most attractive titles and captions.
  • Make the research department find the most useful keywords for SEO optimization.
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This technique should give you results in a surprisingly small period and increase your sales drastically. This is exactly what digital media does and aims for.

So we have understood that digital marketing is good if you want to bump up leads and sales but is that the only benefit it offers? That brings us to the next question that pops up in our head-

hypothetical situation

What are the various benefits of digital marketing?

There are obviously many advantages that this type of marketing offers and most of these are simply byproducts of effective marketing itself.

Creating awareness

Good digital marketing is a successful way of creating awareness about a product or service both before the sale and after it too. With smart graphic designers, experts who understand the digital channels and writers who create engaging content about the product, it becomes very easy for the viewer to understand and retain various aspects of the product.

Create a frenzy
Good content that is marketed in a proper manner can create some serious hype about your business. You can increase your sales substantially if this happens. Many products run out of stock in just a couple of days after going viral and find it difficult to keep up with the demands.

Time saver

By offering a client a product online with the right type of marketing, you are saving time on both ends, the customers, and the business. The sale cycle becomes much shorter and thus it leads to happier customers and lesser headaches for the business.

Even though digital marketing is the hen that lays golden eggs, it does not mean that you can sit back and relax as a business owner. This is the time when you need to go grab an opportunity and make the most of it. You need to make sure that your product is perfect and can be the one thing people need.

You also need to worry about other factors like managing the accounts, setting up customer care, seeing to quality regulations and other such stuff. Simply relying on digital marketing is never going to get anyone anywhere.

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