Must-Have Features In IPS Display Laptop For Hacking

Must-Have Features In IPS Display Laptop For Hacking

Being an ethical hacker is not as easy as it may look. A hacker needs to deal with cybercrimes, keep their sensitive data protected from unauthorized access, so they need a framework that can prevent these potential threats. Having an IPS display laptop can help you to make sure that your device is protected from those doing illegal practices to access the data present in the system. If you are an ethical hacker, you need to perform several tasks like cracking the passwords, penetration testing, intruding the network, and many others for which you require a system with high-end security. Thus, your heart laptop must have powerful features and great processing power. In this post, we are going to discuss some great features that you must look for while buying a laptop for hacking. Let’s get started!

Must to have features in a hacking laptop


A powerful processor plays a very important role in the hacking task. Although, one can do hacking using Raspberry Pie if you want to focus on the work instead of troubleshooting the system errors you need a robust device for the task. If your device is slow, you may lose precious time off doing time-sensitive tasks in the hacking world.

In the nutshell, you must have the latest generation processor for your ethical hacking practices. Another important thing that you must take care of while purchasing the best laptops for hacking is the battery life. Choose the laptop that comes with good battery life, this will make sure that it does not compromise the performance.

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When you are into ethical hacking, you may need to work with several virtual machines and do multiple tasks at a time; this is not possible with  8GB memory. Thus, if you want to make sure that your laptop for hacking works trouble-free, go for at least 16GB of memory. However, if you are a beginner,  8GB may work for you but you need to upgrade it in the future.


A dedicated GPU is a must for hacking purposes. It will not only help you to reduce the workload, but also let you streamline the performance. A high-performance laptop is likely to have a robust GPU. While doing ethical hacking several tasks need to be performed like a brute force attack which may need extra video memory, so go for the best one.


It is recommended to have an SSD. Moreover, if you go for a laptop with a solid storage drive, it is best for hacking. SSDs are quite expensive to purchase, thus,  if your budget is low you can go for hybrid storage.  It is important to have at least 256 GB of SSD storage on your device. Apart from it, you can choose the one with 1 Terabyte or 2 terabyte HDD as per your preference. If you are not restricted to a budget, choose the large one.


While buying a laptop for hacking, you must carefully consider the weight and size of your laptop. Although, it is not recommended to go for a compact or slim size laptop for hacking as they deliver limited performance. Also, many thin laptops are not allowed to upgrade which is not a restriction that makes them a bad choice for hacking.

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While hacking, you are multitasking and for that, you need a big screen. Here, we are not asking you to compromise with the portability, but you can choose the one having a 15 inch or 14-inch screen display. This is the perfect size for the balance of usability and portability. 

Along with that, you need to make sure that you have full HD resolution on the laptop, this will allow you to have a better room to work.

These are some important things that you should take care of while purchasing an IPS display laptop for hacking. We hope that you make the best choice and continue to execute your ethical hacking practices without any trouble on your best buy. So consider the following points carefully whenever you go on laptop hunting for the next time for hacking. 

We hope you make the best choice!

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