Hani Zeini sheds light on different types of car technology to prevent accidents

Hani Zeini sheds light on different types of car technology to prevent accidents

New cars come with a wide array of features. Technology has made its way into the car industry and has transformed the process of car operation. Some features like heated seats and auto start are luxurious options that ensure the safety of the driver. In addition to this, many vehicles come with other benefits that reduce the risk of accidents. According to Hani Zeini, along with the use of technology, the driver’s attentiveness is equally essential for the safety of the people inside the car.

Hani Zeini stresses the following points for the safety of the driver by using technology

Various technological innovations can help prevent car accidents:

  • AEB or automatic emergency brake: The automated emergency brake is a new feature that alerts the driver regarding an imminent crash. It enables the driver to use the maximum brake capacity of the vehicle. In case the driver does not respond, AEB may independently break. This technology has three variations, which encompasses a high-speed system, low-speed system, and pedestrian system.
  • The Camera on the back up dash:It is an age-old feature which is exceptionally beneficial for the driver. Many accidents take place during parking when the car is at low speed. The use of a 360-degree camera, which uses sensors and a display fitted inside the automobile, may assist the driver in various moves. The driver can have a look behind the car when going back. In case any vehicle or object comes close to the vehicle, some systems beep for alerting the driver. The system is both inexpensive and highly valuable for the owner.
  • Auto-steering: Modern cars come with auto-steering facilities. Although many people have the misconception that the vehicle may drive automatically, the real fact is that the steering wheel helps the driver to face certain circumstances where they may collide. According to Hani Zeini, the car has the inbuilt capacity to apply the brakes when it is around a potential object. These steering systems get amalgamated with an automatic emergency braking system for a better experience.
  • The provision of LED headlights: High-quality headlights are vital for the prevention of any accidents. LED headlights, on the other hand, are brighter and have a longer shelf life in comparison to halogen bulbs. Moreover, they are efficient enough to light the street in front of your car. You may find LED headlights in high-quality vehicles that provide illumination and clear light, providing the driver with less blinding. Also, they draw the minimum amount of energy for producing high-quality light, thereby improving fuel efficiency.
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No matter which type of vehicle you are driving, make sure that you are attentive enough and knowledgeable enough to drive the car smoothly. Relying totally on technology is not a safer option. A proper amalgamation of human consciousness with modern technology is the need to reduce car accidents. These days cars come with voice or Bluetooth control, which is an efficient way of staying connected even while driving. While making use of technology, focus on your driving to prevent mishaps.

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