Have you ever thought of using a tool that works for both Mac and Windows?

Have you ever thought of using a tool that works for both Mac and Windows?

With advanced technology, there is an uplift to the applications. Developers made such flexible applications that work for both Windows as well as for Mac. This is done so that users find versatility or flexibility while using the application.

As such kind of application is Mailvita OLM to PST Converter. This tool is able to convert a large amount of OLM files into Outlook PST format in an error-free manner. The application works on both Windows and Mac platforms in a smooth manner. Without facing any trouble you can convert multiple OLM files into Outlook PST format.

Why there is a need to convert OLM files into PST format?

If you want to shift from Mac to Windows and want all your data to be backed up you have to convert your OLM files into PST format.

It is very easy to convert the OLM files if you are using an application to do so. There are multiple options or applications that will convert your OLM files.

If you have manual ways to convert, then why use a converter?

Though there are manual ways to convert your OLM files, but rather than choosing a manual method it is much preferable to use an application to do so because of some of the reasons given below:

  1. It is not sure that the result you get after conversion is correct or not.
  2. The conversion task will require a lot of time.
  3. Even if you provide the time and the answer is not accurate all our efforts will get wasted.
  4. You can’t convert a large number of files in just a day.

Therefore, using a converter for converting your OLM files will be a smart option rather than converting the files using manual ways.

 Which converter should be used for converting OLM files?

Here comes the doubt or confusion that which converter you should use for doing the OLM to PST conversion task.

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As there are many converters but to select a converter you should see some questions to satisfy your needs. These questions are

  1. Is the converter is able to convert multiple files at a time?
  2. Is it advanced?
  3. Can it be used in your operating system?
  4. Does it have zero file restriction?
  5. Is it professionally tested?
  6. An accurate result is provided or not?
  7. Is the application flexible or not?

You can find out the perfect application if the application satisfies these questions of yours without any doubts. Therefore, we introduce you to the OLM to PST Converter that will convert your OLM files and can fulfill all these questions with a well-satisfied answer.

About the OLM to PST Converter

To convert your OLM files rapidly without facing any issue we will advise you to use OLM to PST Converter. This converter will be suitable for not only converting your OLM files at a high-speed but will also do it in an error-free manner. The application is well-advanced to use in any Mac and Windows versions. You can save time by converting your OLM files with this application. It provides you to convert not only multiple OLM files but also any size OLM files rapidly. Users with no technical knowledge can also use the application as it provides a smart GUI for its users.

You can try the demo version of the application to know about the application more deeply. Overall it is a well-advanced application that is tested by highly qualified professionals on different platforms. So that the application satisfies all the expectations of its users.

Features of the application

We have read about the application, now let us just see the features of the application. Below are the some of the features that makes the application unique from other application. Let’s know about these features:

  • Smooth conversion: – Even if the user enters a large number of files for conversion, the application converts the data smoothly. There is no kind of size restriction by the application for the users. Also, the integrity of the data is maintained by the application.
  • Selected file conversion: – The application supports a smart conversion by only converting the files that are selected by the users. Therefore, the desired result is provided to the users by the application without any issue or problem.
  • Proper previewing and scanning of files: – The files are well previewed and scanned before and after the conversion process. This is done so that an accurate result is provided to the users without any interruption. Users can view their selected files by the application without any hurdle.
  • Entire or selective conversion: – Users have the option to select the entire OLM files for conversion or can select some files for conversion. Both options are provided to the users by the application to work smoothly. An advanced file filtration feature is provided to the users, this file filtration feature provides the user to convert specific files they want to convert.
  • Easy user interface: – An easy user interface is provided to the users by the application so that even if a user is from a non-technical background they can also use the application easily. In 4-5 steps the OLM files are converted into Outlook PST format.
  • Accuracy: – With the high-speed conversion, the application also provides a high-accuracy rate. The result provided by the application is 100% accurate with no data loss. An error-free conversion is done by the application.
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These features make the application more versatile to be used in any Windows or Mac Operating System.


Use this advanced application for converting your OLM files into Outlook format. In an error-free manner, all your OLM files will be converted into Outlook PST format by the application. The application is easy to handle and is versatile to use. Any user can do the conversion task with this application. It provides a user-friendly interface that helps every user to perform the conversion.

You can download the trial version of the application that will help you to know furthermore about the application. Also if you face any kind of doubts you can call the help service which is available for your help 24*7 hrs.

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