How Much Does it Cost to Make an App?

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App?

Mobile apps have become a central thing for many businesses. Many businesses are using mobile apps for growing their business to the next level. Mobile apps are contributing to a great extent in making a business successful and giving life to many new ideas. Entrepreneurs and fresh business entrants are making the best use of the latest technology to give life to their dreams. But before, you move to a high-quality app for your business, you might think about the cost of app development.

Cost of Mobile App Development

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from mobile app development companies by all scale of businesses. If you will ask this question to app developer they would answer a less helpful response; “it depends”. On the other hand, some mobile app development websites offer “estimate the cost” option but they often use it as a marketing tool to hook you. However, the cost of an app varies from enormously from 2000$ to 250000$. As with any product, an app requires resources too. Unlike material things, resources in app development are time and experience.

In the app development process, the old saying that time is money is certainly true. A basic app starts at 20000 to 50000 dollars for an average size app. For more complex app the price would rise to 80000 dollars. To get a more clear answer the main cost of an app depends upon the total time it takes to develop. So, an app developer is required to consider the volume and complexity of an app before quoting the price.

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Features and functionalities like screens, buttons, fields, and the amount of required logic determine the exact amount of mobile app development. The more complex your app is, the higher would be the price. Complex solutions require tailored coding and sometimes third-party API’s. On the other hand, standard features can be reused or adapted from commonly available templates.

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Extra Time and Cost of Multiple Features

Look at some examples that what feature requirement could take how much time and investment.

Features connected with users and social environment can add 30+ hours in basic app development. In-app purchases and payment support can add more 40 hours of work to the development time. Synchronization across devices could generate more 60 hours in the development time.

Moreover, location-based services add 30 plus hours and a customized visual design can add 100+ extra hours of work. Similarly, the wire framing of screens, UI and UX design adds more time and thus more cost.

Cheapest Options

You can go with cheaper options by using OS-supplied items and standard screen elements provided by the app stores. An average app consisting of 8 screens requires 63+ hours of wireframing, 90+ hours of visual design and further 30+ hours for the user experience design.

Backend structure and app admin will add up to 170 hours to your app development time. Operating systems provide developers with API’s to provide data exchange between the app and the database. Tracking user activity and app performance requires analytics. Another factor that determines the app development time is the number of parameters and the number of details. An admin panel is one of the most effective tools for managing users, app content, and statistics. Adapting an existing panel template is possible but finding an appropriate one for your business can be hectic. Developing an admin panel may add additional hours of work. It is quite simple; the more the work, the more the time and money.

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The more the work, the larger the team will be. And, it adds complexity and incurs added project management costs. For this, a hybrid, or cross-platform app development program may be the best option for you as it is executed within a single team.

Post Launch Services

After the development, you might need to hire post-launch services including app promotion, on-going maintenance, and upgrades and proofing.­­ The cost of that time also varies with the geographical location of the development company. For instance, if you are dealing with a custom software development company, the post-launch cost might go up to 200 US dollars per hour. Other factors include reputation, experience, on-time delivery and the ability to provide expert services that are right for you.


Summing it up, you get what you pay for. If you want a complex app for your business, it might cost you more. However, it is a onetime investment and you should cater to your business requirement. If the features and functionality of your app match a high level, it is more likely to increase your business. So, investing in a good app can make your business grow higher and help you achieve your business goals in a lesser time.


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