How to Control Diabetes and Live Stress Free

How to Control Diabetes and Live Stress Free

Diabetes, however common, can be a frustrating and sometimes life-threatening issue. At the diagnosis, it can feel impossible to live like normal again. It may feel confining and very upsetting. There are a lot of new rules and restrictions to your day and diet. Luckily, it isn’t impossible to live like normal sometime in the near future. With a few simple steps, you can work towards getting diabetes under control and finding normal in your new routine.

Find support

The first and the best thing you can do is find support. Diabetes is a relatively common issue, so it’s easy to find people who are going through what you’re going through. There are many support groups in which you can find support. They can offer advice for recovering after the shock of your diagnosis.

You can find support in various ways. There are support groups, or you could go to therapy. Letting family members in on the diagnosis can also afford you more support when it comes to this troubling time. You don’t have to go through it alone.

Organize your healthcare needs

One of the most important parts of dealing with diabetes is the schedule. You need to make sure whatever treatment or medication you opt into is on a schedule, so your body can adjust. Once you’re on a schedule, soon you will start to see improvement.

One method that many patients try is an insulin pump. Insulin pumps are a way to have increased control over insulin and diabetes. They involve a catheter implanted every few days, but no mealtime pricks, more flexibility with insulin and planned insulin doses. Make sure to talk to your doctor and do your research on them so that you can find the best insulin pump for you.

Investigate common stress relieving activities

It’s not uncommon to feel anxiety about your diagnosis. There are some troubling issues when it comes to diabetes. Missteps can result in a variety of negative results, from backtracking on getting closer to normal to going hypo. The best thing you can do is stick to a schedule and keep aware, but sometimes even that doesn’t get rid of the anxiety.

Like others with anxiety, you may be forced to look for relief. Anxiety medication can be helpful in the short term, but activities like meditation, calming exercises and productive hobbies can reduce anxiety and make diabetes easier to handle. It might not work right away, it might take a while to find what works for you, but anxiety isn’t a life sentence. If you keep trying to find ways to deal with your stress, you will eventually find a strategy that keeps you calm.

Overall, diabetes can be upsetting, and it can certainly be disheartening to visit the doctor and leave with what feels like a life sentence. Regardless, by organizing yourself, finding support and taking care of your anxiety, you can have a surprising amount of normality in your life.


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