How to Convert an Excel File into a vCard?


Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software that is widely used for various purposes. Almost everyone stores their contacts in an Excel spreadsheet. Currently, we need to import contacts from Excel to Phone, Outlook, Thunderbird, and numerous other platforms.

Unfortunately, there is no way to import contacts from an Excel file into another program or application. Because not every platform supports the Excel format. In this blog, you will learn about how to convert an excel file into vCard manually or professionally. So let’s read.

What is vCard or VCF File Format?

The vCard file format (VCF) is used for storing electronic business cards. You can use vCards to create and share contact information through email or instant messaging over the internet. Among the information that is included is a name, phone number, address, photograph, email address, URL, logo, etc.

Benefits of Converting an Excel to vCard

Especially for storing and managing large amounts of data, Excel files are one of the most commonly used file types. But there are some disadvantages that we have to convert excel data into vCard which is beneficial for the users.

  • Transferrable: Excel does not support the sharing of individual contacts through an emailing service or any other program. For each contact, you can create a vCard and view it easily from any email service or program.
  • Compatibility: vCard files can be opened with multiple email programs, devices, and applications. One of the best things about them is that they can be accessed from any operating system without any problems.
  • No Size Limit: vCard files are usually small in size, whereas Excel files are on the large side. Thus, you can attach vCards to your emails and share them without worrying about their file size.
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How to Convert an Excel to vCard? – Manually

In the manual method, there are three ways to convert an excel to vCard. Now we explain all three below.

  • Converting Excel to CSV.
  • Import Contact from CSV File.
  • Export Contact to vCard.

Converting Excel to CSV

  1. Open Microsoft Excel file.
  2. Go to the Office icon then choose Save as an option then click on Other formats.
  3. Select the location to save the .csv file.
  4. Select the Save type as CSV (Comma Delimited) and click on the Save button.
  5. By clicking Yes, the workbook appears in the same format.

Import Contact from CSV File

  1. Choose the Window Icon and type the contacts in the search box.
  2. Click on the Import tab through the contact window.
  3. Next, in the Import to Windows Contacts wizard & then Choose CSV File then import the file.
  4. Select Browse and locate the .csv file you created in part 1.
  5. Select .csv file & then click Next
  6. Click the Finish button after you map the contacts fields.

Export Contact to vCard

  1. To export contacts to VCF format, you need to go to the contacts window and select all the contacts you wish to export. Just click the Export button.
  2. You should select vCard (folder with .vcf files) from the Export Windows Contacts Wizard.
  3. The last step is to click the Export button. Click OK after you have selected the right location to save the .vcf file.

The contacts list could be manually converted from Excel to vCard or .vcf in this way but people don’t prefer this way to export excel to vCard because there are several drawbacks in manual methods like:- this process is very lengthy and time-consuming. Sometimes it may damage the data.

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How to Convert an Excel to vCard?- professionally

As we discussed above, the manual method has many limitations that’s why people do not prefer this method. So for converting Excel to vCard you should use the DRS Excel to vCard Converter tool. This tool has many unique features and is also very easy for users. There is no need for technical knowledge to run this tool.


In this blog, we discussed the three manual ways to convert Excel to vCard and also mentioned the DRS Excel to vCard Converter tool that is a professional way to convert Excel to vCard. It is a very easy-to-use tool for users. Through this tool, you convert your Excel file into vCard without wasting your time.

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