How To Fix IP Address Errors?

How To Fix IP Address Errors?

An IP address is an ‘Internet Protocol’ address, which is a numeric term, assigned to all the web-enabled devices, through which communication takes place.  When you ask your device to download a certain web page or an email or any file, etc. the IP address is what provides your device with the requested information. You can visit this page to get yourself an efficient and safe IP address, to start off your study into knowing more about them.

An Internet Protocol address is very crucial as it helps the network to know exactly where to “find” the web-enabled device, and get “linked” to it. An IP address consists of four different numbers, ranging from 0 to 255. These nos. have a full stop, which separates them from each other, e.g., or or, etc.

An Effort To Explain What IP Address Errors Are :

Hypothetically, two different people have the same email address’ and corresponding names. They both live in different places and do not know each other. They will anyhow get into usual conflicts because they may receive each other’s mails and other relevant pieces of information.

This is never going to happen in real life, and no internet policy would allow it, but likewise, when a networking device (say computer) notifies you with an IP address conflict, a similar situation is occurring in your device. Your tool is catching some other IP address, which is already linked to some other device’s network, hence, not providing you with the benefits.

IP addresses’ are sometimes static and other times, dynamic.

The static IP address’ remains unchanged, whereas the dynamic IP address’ keeps changing with time. Devices don’t have their own specific number. Hence, a number is ‘rented’ to it every time it tries to connect to any Internet Protocol address. Usually, these numbers are rented for a period of seven days. They do have a quality of getting renewed automatically, or maybe, at times, getting expired.

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General IP address errors include the situation when one web-enabled device refuses to provide the device with an internet connection because it is not getting the exact IP address it wanted to use. Hence, you remain logged out of the internet from your device and someone else uses his/her internet connection with the IP address which you were supposed to use.

This is the problem generally caused by a static IP address, which leads to a situation where the device refuses to log in the connection because this may create bewilderment about where to transfer the provided data.

There are certain circumferences which may lead to an IP address conflict, which are no far to find :

1. Device Switches

For instance, say “Device 1” is no more using the Internet Protocol address and is set on sleep mode for a certain period of time. On the other hand, say “Device 2” has just started finding its IP address, and now it takes the IP address which was previously being used by “Device 1”. Now when someone wakes up “Device 1”, it’ll automatically try to catch up to its previous IP address which was initially being used (which is not available anymore), without perceiving that it is now getting used by “Device 2.”

2. System Administration Errors

Errors may also occur by a system administrator, when the IP address is static and is assigned to only one device, an administrator may have confusion and with a minor change in absolute numbers, may provide that IP address to another dynamic using the device. This error generally comes under a human error.

3. Software Error

A software error may also lead to an IP address conflict as the same IP address’ are shared under such a situation.

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4. Confusion Issues

Sometimes, a dynamic and a static error may get mixed up, due to their identicality. A device itself tries to link itself with a static IP address at times.

Though nowadays these errors are no big deal, favorably, they can be solved quickly, with a little bit of patience.

Some Ways To Fix Such Errors Are:

1. Have Patience:

Almost everyone faces this in their day-to-day lives.  Mostly, computers used at home have a dynamic IP address; hence, only a little bit of patience may resolve the problem as your device will automatically receive another IP address in a few seconds, and you can easily have access to the internet. This issue can be waited out.

2. Restart Your Computer:

Effortlessly, the act of solely restarting your computer may resolve the issue as well. While restarting, the computer will automatically force the machine to receive a new IP address, other than trying to stay connected to the rented IP address, which is no longer available.

3. Release Or Renew Technique:

Sometimes, manually releasing and renewing your IP address is also a very effective way of handling such errors. Many times you don’t want to restart your device or even the waiting and patience part doesn’t work, you can simply ask for a new IP address via a browser. Solely, open the command prompt, type “ipconfig/release” or “ipconfig/renew” and press enter. This process will automatically tell the computer to acquire a new IP address and get linked to the internet connection in no time.

4. Restart The Router:

Rebooting the router may also solve the error as it will push the device to receive a new IP address.

5. Re-enable The Adapter:

Many times, disabling and re-enabling the adapter is also a possible method to fix IP address issues.

6. Don’t Stick To Static IP Address:

Not always sticking to a static IP address is also a way to resolve such a problem, as in the case of a dynamic IP address, the computer keeps on receiving new IP addresses’ when one doesn’t work.

7. Update Your Network Card Driver:

Updating your Network Card Driver generally on a regular basis is something we all should keep doing regardless of any IP configuration error. Doing so may solve IP address errors much more comfortably.



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