How to Increase Storage Space on Mac

How to Increase Storage Space on Mac

Running out of storage space on Mac? Don’t worry about it, you are not the only one. Since Apple decided to switch HDDs with SSDs to improve speed, almost all the new users got a system that was faster than before but the storage space was very small. To maintain the lower costs, the company had to do this. You can still get Mac systems with high storage space but the price will increase accordingly. So what can one do? Even if you have a computer that has low storage capabilities, you can make things work. Many times users have space but it is filled by something or another that stops the customer from filling in new data or programs. So in this article I am going to share with you some of the simple yet effective ways in which they can manage space and also clean up their Mac. Have a look:

How to Store data when free storage is not enough?

Use Cloud Storage

Use Cloud Storage

In simple terms, Cloud storage can be described as an online storage space or online warehouse for data. A lot of companies provide this facility like Google, Dropbox, etc. You can move all of your media like photos, videos, music, movies, etc., data that has no urgent use as of now, digital documents, backups, compressed files, setup files, and whatnot. So when you have moved all of such data from your storage to the cloud storage, it makes clear up lots of space on your computer. Apart from that you will also have the access to all of your data 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world. Cloud storage services usually provide an introductory storage facility to all its users. But if you want to extend your storage space on mac and add more to the arsenal then you can purchase a subscription plan. They are relatively cheap and more reliable than other options as the data is stored on servers.

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Using an external drive

external drive

Just like an internal storage drive you can use an external hard drive. As the name suggests it can be used externally and carried easily. They are portable, easy to connect, robust and fast enough to store data just like your internal storage. Many people who travel frequently purchase an external storage drive and carry it with them wherever they go. This reduces the need to install another or big storage drive in the system itself. With the help of an external drive you can exchange huge amounts of data between computers very easily. Though it is more costly than the cloud storage option, if you don’t have internet access all the time then carrying an external hard drive is the only way you can access all of your data on the go. Most of these drives use USB ports to connect so you won’t need any extra device to connect it.

Get rid of Trash contents

Get rid of Trash contents

When was the last time you emptied your Trash folder? Whatever you delete from your computer can be found in Trash and not deleted permanently until you delete it again from there. This is the common knowledge and there is nothing special about it but it is so common that users usually forget about it and all the deleted data gets mounted up in that folder. Another factor that users don’t take into account is that all the data in the Trash is still on the hard drive and is still taking space. So if you are running out of space, check out the Trash bin and if you see any files or folders there, then you can always recover some space.

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Check the Downloads folder

We all tend to download something or the other. From documents to documentaries we have downloaded it all and why shouldn’t we. It is easier, faster and more reliable to download and carry data. And not just the plain data, there are thousands of apps that you can download and install. All of this downloading can cramp up your storage space. After downloading anything we tend to forget about it but it continues to exist in the hard drive unless you permanently delete it. Even if you download any software, if you have installed it, then the installer file gets useless. You can either upload it on the cloud or delete it to recover space, if you can acquire it easily, that is.

Get rid of Junk

Get rid of Junk

Junk files are one of the biggest reasons as to why your computer storage seems probably filled up. Duplicate files, cache from browser and other media, incomplete downloads, corrupt files, etc. All fall under the category of junk files. Now one can easily delete junk files on mac if it can be sorted out from the rest of the data, but that is the biggest problem. Sorting junk files manually can take hours even if you don’t own multiple hard drives. So to help you out with this I would suggest you to take the help of a third-party tuneup utility tool for Mac that can deep scan your computer and can get rid of all such files in a few clicks.

So these were some of the steps on how you can increase your storage space and how you can reclaim the existing space that is filled with unnecessary stuff. I hope this article has helped you.

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