How to Securely Download Backup Office 365 Mail Account?

How to Securely Download Backup Office 365 Mail Account?

Backup becomes necessary to keep data safe from any accidental losses. With this blog, we are here with a solution to securely backup Office 365 mail account. Multiple users have the query for taking backup of Office 365 emails so we have decided to explain an easy method with a step by step guide for backup Office 365 emails with attachments. So, let’s get the solution.

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Why need to backup Office 365 emails?

Let us first understand the need to create backup of Office 365 mailbox items. Here are the reasons behind it –

  • When Microsoft services are outage or shutdown
  • To access Office 365 emails Offline
  • To get back your data in case of accidental deletion
  • Just for safety purpose, users create backup of important emails of Office 365

Ways to take backup of Office 365 Mail account?

There are multiple ways to backup Office 365 mailbox items. The important decision is to choose the solution wisely. Here, we will offer you 2 different ways to backup Office 365 mail account data.

  • Using Manual Method
  • Professional Tool – Office 365 Backup on Windows 10

Some Limitations of Manual Method:

  1. The manual Method accompanies exceptionally repetitive and tedious handling.
  2. The manual technique bombs in having the reinforcement of particular information, for example, messages, contact or schedules.
  3. It requests earlier specialized information prior to handling the manual technique. It isn’t reasonable for amateur clients.
  4. There are high odds of information modification, no assurance of the exact and full reinforcement.

Office 365 Backup on Windows 10 – A professional solution

The above discussed manual solution may take several hours to backup Office 365 data. Also, there is no assurance of data safety with this tool. So, if you don’t find the above method suitable for you then we are here with an easy solution for you to backup Office 365 mailboxes in a few minutes.

Using Softaken Office 365 Backup Tool for Windows 10, one can smartly create backup of Office 365 emails with attachments. Handling this program is too easy with this tool due to its self-descriptive interface.

Moreover, the software provides 4 easy steps to backup Office 365 Mail account.

  1. Download the Softaken Office 365 Backup Tool
  2. Install and start the application on any Windows 10 system.
  3. Add login details of Office 365 account.
  4. Select all or desired folders of Office 365 account for backup.
  5. Choose any file format for saving Office 365 data.
  6. Mention location for output file with Browse button.
  7. Hit the Backup Now button.


We have discussed that manual solution is not suitable & safe therefore Office 365 Backup Tool on Windows 10 is suggested to use that can easily backup Office 365 Mail account without any hassles.


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