How to Sell a Used Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet?

How to Sell a Used Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet?

This post will help you determine a resale value of a preowned Microsoft Surface Pro

If you are thinking about reselling your preowned Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, scouting interwebs for price pointers is a good start. Please keep reading to find out how and where to sell your Microsoft Surface Pro online fast.

What Determines a Resale Value of a Used Microsoft Surface Pro?

The resale value of your preowned Microsoft Surface tablet depends on several factors. Overall functional and cosmetic condition, year make and configuration, and, of course, current market demand will determine the final price. Let’s talk about those factors in more detail.

Cosmetic and Functional Condition

Aside from the model, functional condition and cosmetic shape basically dictate the gadget’s price. Cosmetics assume any visible external wear or blemishes, such as scratches, dents, scuffs, or even cracks. But it is important not to confuse hardware damage (such as a cracked screen) with cosmetic issues. Functionality covers overall hardware performance. Some of the functionality defects include but are not limited to storage failure, no power, dead pixels or pressure damage spots on the screen, defective or missing keys (if applicable), connectivity issues, etc.

Brand and Model

Technology depreciates even more rapidly these days, but some brands and specific models hold a better reselling value over time than others. Regardless, newer Surface Pro tablet models can always be resold for more money. Thus, if you generally like to keep your tech up to date, consider selling your older Surface model faster rather than later.

Microsoft Surface Pro Configuration

To sell a Microsoft Surface Pro, you need to determine its specifications, such as processor type, storage, RAM size, GPU, if applicable. So naturally, Surface Pro models with high-end specs have better resale prices. If you are unsure what kind of Surface tablet you have, look at the back (or under a stand) for its Serial number. Then type in your Serial on the manufacturer support site to get the details.

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Current Demand

As we mentioned, some gadget models have a better resale price and are also easier to sell. And Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are no exception. For example, used Surface Pro tablets with Intel Core m processors and a smaller 128GB storage size can trickly sell. A core i7-based model with a 512GB drive, on the other hand, will be sold much faster. Adding the original accessories, like a Microsoft type cover keyboard or a Surface pen, also can speed up the sale. And make sure you still have your charger, as buyers are often hesitant to buy tablets without them.

Trade-in Value of a Preowned Microsoft Surface Pro

To figure out the resale value of your used Microsoft Surface Pro, check what other sellers are asking for similar models on marketplaces like eBay. Selling your tablet on a marketplace will likely yield you a higher offer. Still, it is time-consuming, takes too long, and is often not safe—just the many publications about the dangers of selling on eBay on the internet.

Online buy-back sites are a great alternative to marketplaces, especially if you are a busy professional who wants to save yourself the unnecessary hassle.

Just as a general idea, here are few price pointers for you:

  • Preowned Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, and 128GB SSD can be resold for up to $133 on the buy-back site, Gadget Salvation. For comparison, Best Buy Trade-in offers up to $100 for the same model. *
  • Newer Microsoft Surface Pro 7 i7 16GB RAM 256GB SSD tablet can be sold for up to $486 cash on Gadget Salvation, while Best Buy only offers up to a $300 store credit.*
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Where To Sell A Microsoft Surface Pro For Top Value?

Depending on your objective, you can resell your preowned tablet locally through Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, or Craigslist, or you can pick an online e-commerce site. Generally, the rule of thumb is if you want more cash and are willing to invest some time and effort, pick a marketplace. But if you value convenience and security, we strongly advise looking up buy-back sites online.

Gadget Salvation: Great Service and Quick Turnaround

Gadget Salvation is a trusted recommerce platform that helps users sell their unwanted technology. The company accepts a wide array of electronic devices, ranging from laptops, smartphones, and tablets to cameras, smartwatches, and more. Gadget Salvation covers your postage expense to send the device in and offers instant payment options like PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. But they mail paper checks as well, whichever you prefer. The whole turnaround depends on your physical location and can take anywhere from two to ten business days.

How it Works

  1. To sell a used Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, look up your model in their sell tablet database.
  2. Pick your configuration, answer a few questions about the condition of your tablet and get an instant upfront estimate.
  3. Accept the offer and complete the checkout form to receive your prepaid shipping label. Package your tablet securely, drop it off at the carrier, and wait to get paid. That’s it!

Once the tablet arrives at Gadget Salvation, they will have to check it to make sure its actual condition matches your description. If there are any discrepancies, they will let you know in a detailed test report email. And even if the final offer is revised, you can always reject it and have the tablet shipped back instead. It is truly is risk-free!

Bottom Line

If you are thinking about selling your older Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, start with verifying its model number and specifications, as those factors will determine the value. Now that you are certain of the model, the next step is to research prices. Finally, weigh your options and pick a marketplace or a buy-back site. And good luck!



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