How Videostrong is Making Life Easy for Elderly Care

How Videostrong is Making Life Easy for Elderly Care

Technology has made life easier and swift. But you need to look for the best service provider that promises things that are user-friendly and efficient. Speaking of technology, the elderly care products by the videostrong ODM service company are making waves.

Putting high value in digital gear and integrated AI technology, videostrong has become a trustworthy name when it comes to intelligent hardware solutions.

If you are recently on the lookout for the best hardware service for your home with elderly members, VS should be your companion!

Below we shall find out what are elderly care products are by videostrong that you should try for your home.

What does videostrong offer?

Being the renowned hub for intelligent hardware services’ hub, VS is offering multiple smart solutions for your home. For Elderly care products, you have a range of your services.

Videostrong is the owner of 11+ years of experience in the field of hardware development. Also, you get the freedom of smart elderly care, a smart education solution provider, and a smart hotel that instantly makes the pace uninterrupted.

What do you get for elderly care from VS?

It’s really bliss to talk to your family who is not there with you.

While most elderly people are not much into gadgets the all-in-one Video Call Device Solution by VS is making things super swift! One such solution is the video call all-in-one device that is easy to operate and especially dedicated to elderly people.

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This device comes with a speaker, camera, and microphone that never compromise on the quality. The best part is its efficiency and performance. For instance, this device can is compatible for;

  • One-stop solution for Android systems
  • High-definition audio and video results
  • Video conferencing for Android televisions
  • Shows best results with third-party elderly care software
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi /Ethernet, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave connectivity

It’s pretty much easy to operate and that makes this device one of its kind for elderly care. The user-friendly solutions and features keep off the complexity of options which makes communication real-time easy.

For video conferencing on Android television, the device offers the best features for the elderly such as:

  • Quick and swift messages
  • Meetings with full controls
  • HD voice control and hand-free usability
  • 4k video results for crisp video calls
  • Budget-friendly
  • Support and compatibility for dongle devices

What is a Smart Elderly Care Solution by Videostrong?

People over 65 years of age can now experience the most comfortable and innovative living standards with the smart elderly care solution by VS.

What features do smart elderly care solutions offer?

For elderly people, the smart care solution comes with fall detection, smart voice control, and many other features for instant help.  Also, the safety of home motion sensors and health detectors works their way to up-to-date living standards.

The device also comes with warning or alarm notifications in case of emergencies and potential accidents. So the forthcoming danger becomes less intense.

Smart elderly care solutions capture the house and make sure safety, from the living room to kitchen, bathroom to bathroom, you have smart sensors that minimize the risk factor.

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For instance the gas leak in the kitchen, fall detection, health management with BP checks, sugar and body temperature measurement, and much more.  The compatibility of SaaS and PaaS cloud storage further makes smart usability around. Moreover, the compatibility with the web, cell phones, and television makes life easier.

Is videostrong reliable platform

Videostrong is one of the most reliable platforms that deal in AI solutions, smart hardware assistance, smart devices, and much more. If you are looking for a way to make you’re living innovative and protected remotely, their smart products must bring ease to your life.

The interesting part is, Videostrong Technology readily offers their client smart assistance and helps them learn by using the products. It keeps things comprehensive and easy to get the most out of technology.

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