Inexpensive Corporate Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Corporate Gift Ideas

Every company is trying its best to present themselves as an attractive brand to not just customers but employees alike. When we talk about brands, it is not just an attractive logo design that entices you, but an attractive day-to-day action.

Jack Daniels, for example, gives free booze to its employees every month and you can bet that the employees will not miss that day of work. Some schools in the United States offer full or partial scholarships to the wards of an employee, thereby saving them hundreds of thousands in tuition.

If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, or just a colleague at work and you can not pull off such an impressive feat, try something as simple as corporate gifting. Corporate gifting is now a trending thing in the business world. It is effective in increasing productivity, especially when it is inexpensive yet valuable.

Not only that, giving corporate gifts will definitely guarantee a degree of loyalty from your employee, immensely profiting your brand. You can gain so much by investing a little in corporate gifts.

If you are a growing entrepreneur or an employee, and you are thinking of ways to lift the team spirit of your employees or colleagues at work, this article is all you need.

Why is Corporate Gifting So Important?

The first thing to know about corporate gifting and gifting in general is that there is no one who does not want to be on the receiving end of gifts. It is equally important in any group, and most definitely in an organization. Giving and receiving corporate gifts is magical. It supplies the required connection between the receiver and the giver.

Gift Ideas for coworkers should always be related to an event. It may be for an apology, a birthday, a promotion, or an anniversary. Regardless of what may inspire your corporate gift, what is more important is that there is a stronger relationship that arises from the gift you give to your client or employee.

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If a better relationship exists between you and your client, there is guaranteed productivity in your company.

9 Inexpensive Gift Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

If you want to send a corporate gift, you would want to send one that relates to your business to be memorable. A gift that they could use at home and work will be perfect. This way, they don’t feel you’re just giving them a gift to help them increase their productivity at work.

You might also want to move with the trend. universal gift card balance You can no longer send in a customized mug or pen as a corporate gift. Even though such gifts are still distributed as corporate gifts, they may not satisfy the desires of your clients or employees.

You can get them some nice sculpture that compliments an engraving idea, a kitchen tool, a chocolate box, some kitchen accessories or you can just take out your coworkers to eat breakfast.

Here is a list of inexpensive gift ideas that will not only make sense to your client or employee but will also make you feel great.

1. Customized Power Banks

Things have changed in this more technological era. Everyone wants their things done on the go. It may be while working in the park or in a restaurant. It is already strange to be looking around for available wall sockets when you can get a portable energy source.

Therefore, it is safe to say you can switch things up a little by giving your clients power banks. It is a break from the norm and it will amaze them, especially when you take so much time customizing it.

2. What About a Headset?

If you have young interns and employees as the majority of your clients and customers, you should consider getting headsets for them. You may want to use a digital skin of their favorite superhero movie or music star as the cover.

3. A Winter Glove

Away from technology-related gifts, the next item on the list is winter gloves. Considering how radically temperature changes in the past few decades have combined with the inevitability of winter in some parts of the world, you should consider gloves as an option.

You should strongly consider customizing the glove with your firm’s name and making it screen touch-enabled. Nobody wants to remove their gloves while operating their phones and gadgets during the chilly winter weather.

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4. Customized Wine for a Corporate Christmas Gift

Get a well-aged wine and put a label on it, possibly that of your company. Then,  you can explain where the wine is gotten from and how connected the story is to what your client or employee is celebrating especially for Christmas.

You should also put a work into how well the wine is packaged. Don’t just put the wine in any bag and expect the recipient to attach much value to the gift.

5. A Box of Chocolate

Apart from people with serious allergies and diet plans, who does not love chocolates? A box of chocolates as a gift fits into any occasion, be it a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion, or any special event.

Exempting the fact that it is relatively inexpensive, you can easily walk into a store and get it in case you remember it at the nick of time.

6. Reusable Water Bottle

If your employee is celebrating an anniversary, a reusable water bottle that says “happy anniversary” is one of many unique gifts

Reusable water bottles are also a wonderful idea that you cannot go wrong with as they fit every celebration and gratitude you want to project.

7. A Luxury Gift Basket

A gift basket containing various products, materials, or equipment that the client or employee needs is also an exceptional idea.

Hampers are always a hit when it comes to giving corporate gifts. Instead of giving random gifts, why not just buy everything and put it in a basket?

8. Lunch Bags or Kitchen Accessories

If an employee loves bringing their lunch to work instead of eating out, consider this choice an important corporate gift for them.

Where possible, make the lunch bag customized, in the employee’s favorite color, and very durable.

And if the customer loves cooking, give them a cheese tray or servewares.

9. A Resin Art

It is almost guaranteed that you will have a customer who loves and appreciates art. Why not give them a properly designed resin art? You can make it resin on wood, and other engraving ideas that will wow them.


When it comes to raising the morale of your employees or improving your brand, there are lots of ways in which this can be achieved. Giving your employees corporate gifts on occasions works like magic and it can triple your company’s profit. A corporate gift is an essential token of appreciation that will yield multiple results as time goes on.

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